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2 Ways to Make a Double Gauze Baby Lovey

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Yesterday I shared how you can hand stitch or hand quilt around a shape or motif on your fabric.  Specifically on double gauze fabric with a butterfly.  In today’s post, I want share how you can make a baby lovey with double gauze fabric 2 different ways.  A lovey is a small blankie or security blanket.  Great for car rides or stroller rides and it’s nice when baby doesn’t get attached to a giant blanket 😉  These can vary in size, I often use up scraps.  I like to keep it at least 12 inches on 1 side.


Here is the first method, featuring a hem 😉  I like the hem because in my experience babies like to chew on the corners 😉

Fabric with motif
Pearl Cotton #8
Embroidery Needle
Thimble (I don’t use one, but you may want to) You can also use a band aid on that finger 😉
Thimble Pad (another thimble option)
Snips (or sharp scissors)


Here is the 2nd method.  It doesn’t have a hem, but still super easy.

*Be careful when you do big stitch quilting to make sure little fingers won’t get caught.


See the video tutorial below for the step by step instructions!

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