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2020, YouTube Channel plans. I need your help!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi friends! I wanted to share a few of the plans I have for my “Melanie Ham” website and YouTube channel, as well as ask YOU for some feedback.

More Crochet? More Sewing? Product reviews? Tips and Tricks?

I really want this blog website and Youtube channel to be the best that it can be for you. I want to make sure that I am providing the content that you want to see. So, if you have a video request or some ideas for ways that I can improve this channel, that would be amazing! I appreciate the suggestions!

Leave me a comment here on this blog post if you have something you would like to see in 2020. I have plans for a Learn to Sew series as well as a “Your 2nd Quilt” plus a super duper long list of video ideas. I want to prioritize them based on what you want to see.

Are you interested in product reviews? Color Theory? Tips and Tricks? Just straight tutorials? Fabric Hauls? This is a case where I have too many ideas… which is of course not a bad thing!

Anyway, that’s all for now – have a great weekend!

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