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A New Year

A New Year

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hello faithful readers! I am popping on for a bit to give you a little update! I know I have been absent on this blog for awhile, but it’s a new year and I have some new goals, one of which is to blog again! Our family has moved from Honolulu, Hawaii back home to Los Angeles. My husband is attending USC film school using the GI Bill and I have been making custom quilts and making YouTube videos, both of which have become a part time job for me. A great job, because it allows me to be at home with my kids and take care of them! This blog will show some behind the scenes, photos of recent projects and other little musings here and there. I have some fun things planned and am happy to begin sharing on this blog again!!

I’ll start by going back a month or 2 and sharing some finished projects and fun things!  First up… When I was preparing to leave Hawaii, my Oahu Modern Quilt Guild girlies and I went out to dinner.  It was a holiday party/goodbye party for me.  They were all SO sweet and each one of them brought me something special as a goodbye gift!  I was and still am floored by their generosity and thoughtfulness!  Here are a few of the items they gave me ;).


Mai, one of the other founding members, make me this sign for me new studio space ;).  She made it with sand and sea colors to remind me of Hawaii.


Another girl, R. gave me this crayon wallet for Little A for the plane ride!  How thoughtful!


R. also gave me this adorable quilted pouch.


Amber made me this pillow cover, which I adore!  It’s currently on my bed 😉


A few girls got me Starbucks cards, a mug and cozy – I think of them every time I use them!

I also recieved some other really cute items, there was so much I didn’t take photos of them all!  Moral of the story is that, I was so surprised and thrilled and then a little sad to leave this group.  But at the same time I was ready for a new beginning.  We always knew Hawaii would be temporary, so it’s nice to be back in SoCal with lots of family and friends.  Can I just tell you how life changing it is to have Grandparents around!!!

Adios for now, I promise it won’t be so long till my next post 😉


Desiree Ricks @ Vocational Courses

Tuesday 28th of January 2014

Welcome back! You made great. Thanks for sharing this blog. Keep posting.


Saturday 25th of January 2014

Welcome home to SoCal Mel! Congrats on your new life and new sewing adventures! I can totally relate to not having grandparents around to help out. It can be rough at times,but what are ya gonna do right?!

What a great group of women in your quilt guild! Great parting gifts!

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