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All About Crochet Gauge Video

All About Crochet Gauge Video

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi Everyone!

I have a new video up in my Learn to Read Crochet Pattern Series!  This one talks about gauge!  I don’t have the wood gauge available any more, but you can find similar things on etsy or the craft store!


The basics of the gauge information that I shared.
– Gauge is very important when you make anything where size matters like clothing. Hat’s are included, I didn’t really mention hats in the video. Any sort of sweater or clothing, gauge is very important.
-When you make a gauge swatch for something that will get washed, was your swatch to see if it shrinks.
-Tension can vary based on how you crochet, how tired hands are, how experienced you are etc.
– Example of a gauge size on a pattern 8sc + 6 rows = 4 inches

All samples were made using Vanna’s Choice yarn and different size hooks.

Crochet Example 1
J hook (6mm) , crocheted tightly
8 rows x 6 stitches
12 sc + 16 rows = 4 inches

Crochet Example 2
Loose J hook (6mm)
7 rows x 6 stitches
12 sc x 14 rows = 4 inches

Crochet Example 3
Size K hook (6.5mm)
6.5 rows x 5.5 stitches
11 sc + 13 rows = 4 inches

Crochet Example 4
Size I hook, (5.5 mm)
8 rows x 6.5 stitches
13 sc + 16 rows = 4 inches

Here is the video so you can see all my examples in the works and learn All About Crochet Gauge!


Wednesday 3rd of June 2015

Thank you for the video on gauging. I immediately went to your site after seeing this to order a gauge and unfortunately you are sold out of them...any chance of getting more? I would love to get one!


Saturday 4th of April 2015

I love this tutorial. I have never understood the whole gauge thing. Thank you for a great video that explains it in easy terms. Can't wait for the next one!

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