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Baby Bedding Poll

Thank you so much for sharing!

Earlier this year, I asked my Mom if she would be up for making some bedding for Ainsley.  I didn’t care for a lot of the bedding I saw in the stores or online, plus I never end up using all the pieces in the set, so I thought I would save some money and send her some fabric so she could make me a bumper pad.  She of course decided she should make a bed skirt and a blanket too.

Here is the dilemma… She made 2 bumpers.  She wasn’t completely satisfied with the first bumper she made, so she made another one!  Silly Mom!  So I want to put it up to a vote, which do you all like better?  Can you tell what she might have been dissatisfied with?  What are your thoughts?

Vote in the poll!… its on the right side of the screen at the top.


Tuesday 28th of June 2011

Wow! Both are lovely, but I like the ruffle one with the pink and white print going up and down. Looks like a plant is growing.

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