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Basic Crochet Scarf Tutorial: Operation Gratitude

Basic Crochet Scarf Tutorial: Operation Gratitude

Thank you so much for sharing!

I’m so excited to share this tutorial! A basic crochet scarf tutorial has been on my list for awhile! My contact at reached out to me a few weeks ago and shared that Operation Gratitude told them they were in desperate need of handmade items to put in their donation boxes. OpGrat said that these items are the most loved and cherished in the boxes! LoveCrafts asked if I would be willing to help promote and of course I said yes!

This basic crochet scarf is for absolute beginners, beginners or crocheters looking fora quick but beautiful scarf pattern. Here is a great post with tons of resources for my beginners out there.

Most of you know this, but in case you are new, my husband was active duty army for 7 years and deployed to Afghanistan in 2009/2010. We are still very active in the veteran and military community, so I am always willing to help with these causes.

The reason why I feel so called to teach you how to make things is because it makes people healthier and happier to create, not only for themselves but their families and beyond. Sharing love in this tangible way is the best! #makinggratitude

If you make a basic crochet scarf or two, please fill out THIS FORM so I can keep track of how many my makers send 😉 Can we send 500 by the end of August? I have 3 so far. I will do a giveaway for those who donate items, enter securely on THIS FORM. YaY! #makinggratitude

Basic Crochet Scarf


  • 1-3 balls of yarn depending on size of ball. I needed 2 balls for mine, if you buy 3 balls you can often make 2 scarves ;). Size 4 is great!
  • hook size that is recommended on package (you may go up 1 size if you would like)
  • yarn needle (in a pinch you can use a smaller hook if you have a set)
  • scissors

Operation Gratitude Specifications

  • 4-6 inches wide and 48-50 inches long so that they fit in the boxes
  • Soft yarn in subtle colors suitable for either gender like blues, brows, greys, greens, maroon. Red, white, and blue color combos are acceptable as well.
  • Feel free to attach a note for the recipient of the box with your contact info if you are comfortable
  • Place Scarves or hats in a ziploc bag to keep them clean and dry for shipping.
  • Fill out THIS FORM to create a barcode for tracking purposes
  • Send to Operation Gratitude (A flat rate envelope is probably best/cheapest)

Operation Gratitude Attn: Handmade Items Program

21100 Lassen Street

Chatsworth, CA 91311-4278

*I am not affiliated with Operation Gratitude, they don’t even know I’m doing this. If you have additional questions or need assistance please read through THIS PAGE and reach out to them directly ;).


  • Start with a slip knot
  • Yarn over, pull through and repeat to create your foundation chain. It needs to be an even number. If you are donating, make sure it is 4-6 inches. If you are not donating, make as wide as you like.
  • Insert you hook in 2nd chain from hook and single crochet, then chain 1. Skip 1 foundation chain and place a sc and repeat. Make sure there is a sc in the last foundation chain.
  • chain 1 and turn work
  • sc in the first stitch, sc in the ch 1 space, ch 1 and repeat the pattern.
  • Make sure you end with a sc, ch 1 and turn. sc in the first stitch, ch 1 and sc in the next ch 1 space.
  • Repeat until you reach desired length of scarf, 48-50 inch for operation gratitude donation

Rules to help you:

Always begin and end with a single crochet (sc)

Always sc in the ch 1 space.

Here is the full video tutorial! Let’s make some scarves!


Tuesday 13th of August 2019

3 scarves being sent today! Thank you for the tutorial


Friday 16th of August 2019

Oh that's so awesome thanks so much!

Barbara Henderson

Friday 26th of July 2019

I am starting mine today. Thanks for the easy instructions. Hope to make a few, great stash buster.

Tammy E Hatch

Friday 26th of July 2019

Count me in! I have a son in the Army, he's been to Afghanistan in this past year. My heart goes out to them for the sacrifice these men and women are making for our freedom. When ever I can I do something to help, they love receiving handmade items from the U.S. always put a note with it. It will put a smile on their face.

Deborah Goins

Thursday 25th of July 2019

I want to help but I love to knit scarfs. Can we donate knitted scarfs in the same dimensions and colors??

Thank you for your quick response. D. Goins


Thursday 25th of July 2019

Hello: I would like to Make a Scarf but I have a dog and two Cats. Will I still be able to donate?

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