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Beginner Crochet Scarf Pattern

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Hey Everyone!

Today I would like to share with you a great beginner crochet scarf. When people ask me what to make first for crochet, I recommend a crochet washcloth or a scarf like this one.

Speaking of my new video, I have a bunch of crochet tutorials over on my YouTube Channel, but I have been wanting to make one that is truly beginner friendly, like your first project beginner friendly.  Almost all of my tutorials are meant to be simple and easy, and beginner friendly but sometimes I get complaints that I’m going too fast or something is confusing.  So I decided to make a very slow paced crochet video, perfect for the beginner but with a twist for the more advanced crocheters.  Anyway, here it is and I hope you enjoy!

WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS for beginner Crochet Scarf:

This video shows you how to make a simple beginner crochet scarf. I go very slow so its easy for a beginner to follow along.

If you are a beginner, use yarn like these…

If you have crocheted a few projects or are comfortable with textured yarn, this is the yarn I used.

I used 2 of these skeins for my grey example scarf.

Whatever yarn you choose, use the crochet hook recommended on the label – that way you can pick any yarn you like. This project will work with most yarns.

Instructions for Beginner Crochet Scarf

  • Slip knot around your hook
  • Chain 29
  • 3rd chain over, dc in that foundation chain
  • Continue placing a dc in each chain all the way down the foundation chain. You should have 26 double crochets.
  • Chain 3 and turn work
  • DC in 2nd stitch and continue all the way across
  • When you reach the end, dc in the 3rd chain from your turning chain to complete the row.
  • You should have 26 double crochets all the way across.
  • Repeat until scarf is desired length.

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Click Here if you can’t see the video.

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