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Beginner Crochet Stripes Baby Blanket with Border Tutorial

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Hello Everyone!

Happy Wednesday!  It’s time for a new tutorial!  As part of the baby series in which I am making handmade gifts for my bestie who will have her baby probably sometime this month, I have a new crochet stripes baby blanket tutorial for you!  I wanted to make her a crocheted blanket, and since my other crochet baby blanket video is so popular, I figured you would want to see it too!  I made this blanket much more dense than the other one and added a border, which I am constantly asked how to do.

crochet stripes baby blanket

Crochet Stripes Baby Blanket Tutorial


2 large balls (not the 3.5 oz ones) of Bernat Baby Blanket yarn in Lilac

2 large balls of Bernat Baby Blanket yarn in Little Lilac Dove

L Crochet Hook

Yarn needle for weaving in ends

crochet stripes baby blanket


blanket measures 37 x 58

stitches needed: single crochet (sc) insert hook, yarn over (yo), pull through, yo and pull through the 2 loops on your hook.

Pull yarn out from center of the ball.

Starting with a slip knot chain, chain 60 (Don’t make the foundation chain too tight)

Add additional chain for the turning chain (total of 61)

Place single crochet (sc) in the 2nd chain from hook (do not count the loop on the hook)

Sc in every foundation chain all the way across (total of 59 stitches)

Chain (ch) 1, and turn work

Place sc in the first stitch and continue stitching in every stitch all the way down.

While you still have 2 loops on you hook for the last stitch, add new color. (each color will have 2 rows.)

Leave 5- 6 inch tail for weaving in the ends.

Ch 1 and turn.

Continue in this manner until you run out of yarn.  Add new ball of yarn until you have 21 white rows and 20 purple rows.

Weave in all the tails from the color changes before you start on the border.

Starting in the corner, sc 3 stitches in the corner of the blanket.  Sc all the way around the blanket 2 times.  Make sure to put 3 sc stitches in the corners.  Along the side of the blanket, place stitches at the bottom and top of each stitch, doing your best. If you have rippling then you have too many stitches.  If it’s pulling or has big gaps, you have too few.

Fasten off, weave in remaining ends.

crochet stripes baby blanket

crochet stripes baby blanket

crochet stripes baby blanket

I hope you all enjoy this crochet stripes baby blanket tutorial!  Please leave me comments on how its going and post photos to my Facebook Page!

crochet stripes baby blanket

Here is the full beginner friendly video tutorial!

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