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Benefit and Bless

Benefit and Bless

Thank you so much for sharing!

Today is the day I make my big announcement that I mentioned here.  I have decided to re-brand my etsy shop.  I Heart Stitching is fine, but it doesn’t give you a sense of who I am or what I am about.  It’s my YouTube channel name and has to stay that way, but I wasn’t feeling it so much for my etsy shop name.  While my stepmom was here last week I came up with this idea and it was a bit of an “a ha” moment for me.  It makes so much more sense.

As I was thinking through my story and why I love to sew and create things, it came down to this… I want to benefit and bless my family and my friends with the talent, curiosity and drive God has given me to help and encourage in whatever way I can.  Benefit and Bless.  So Benefit and Bless is the new title of my etsy shop!  It’s me and it’s real.  I really hope that the things I make, the videos I put out there, the gifts I give are all a benefit and blessing to you all.  I fear I am giving you too many names to follow or remember, but I’m kind of OK with it at this point because it feels right.




Benefit and Bless currently has 4 lines.



Bloom: Quilted baby loveys made with high quality quilting cottons and soft and cuddly minky on the back.



Bring: Fun and stylish zip pouches and clutches



Bling: Flower Cabochon Rings (currently sold out – more added this weekend)

BrightlogoToday I am also debuting the Bright collection, I have 4 beautiful 100% organic quilted loveys in the shop and ready for sale.





Bright: 100% organic quilted baby loveys.  Everything from the cotton fabric, flannel backing, batting and even thread is all 100% organic.

For the next week, you can enter the code benefitandbless for 10% off.

To better Benefit and Bless, 5% of monthly proceeds will go to a charity.  For the next few months I have chosen Operation Freedom Paws.  This is a service that pairs Veterans with severe PTSD and service dogs and then helps the Veteran train the dog to meet their specific needs.  Mary Cortani was in the top 10 for CNN Hero of the Year in 2012.

Wow, that was a lot!  Thank you all for going on the journey with me.  I really appreciate all the support!




Friday 22nd of February 2013

I love the new shop name and look. I also love the things you have in your shop. I just purchased a few of those cute rings you are selling and can't wait to wear them...they remind me of spring which I am looking forward to.


Belinda Del Pesco

Friday 15th of February 2013

Great post, and bravo on the launch of your new brand, and four new lines of individually branded product. The organic loveys are soo nice! I love the seaweed, turtle & octopus fabric! Congratulations!

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