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Best Macrame Cord, Rope and Supplies

Best Macrame Cord, Rope and Supplies

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Hi! I wanted to write a post about different types of macrame cord, rope and supplies so that you can see the different types and decide what kind you want to use for your projects.

macrame cord

I tested out all of these styles of macrame cord or macrame rope I guess you could say so that you can see them in action.

My Favorite Macrame Cord

My personal favorite is the single strand macrame cord. I love the softness of it and how it looks when it’s frayed out.

macrame cord

Here is a photo of what the single strand looks like in action. This style of macrame cord would be best for wall hangings or plant hangers.

diy macrame wall hanging

My 2nd favorite macrame cord is more of a rope style. It has a more defined twist and a sturdy structure. This type of cord also frays well but needs more work to fray it. This style is also great for wall hangings, but also things that need a stiffer cord like keychains.

macrame cord

Looking for some macrame tutorials?

The other cord that I have used before is more of a braided cord. This is much sturdier and great for keychains. I don’t think this one is as pretty for wall hangings though, although you could in a pinch.

macrame cord

Here are some keychains using this style of cord.

macrame cord keychain

Macrame cord and rope also comes in different thicknesses. The ones you have seen so far are 4mm, but this next one is 6mm. This bonnie brand craft cord is popular online and at Hobby Lobby, so I got some to test it out. It has a much more “plastic” feel as the fibers are polyolefin. I also don’t like how this one frays out. I do think, however, that this would be a good option for outdoor projects and you can heat fuse the ends for a more secure finish.

macrame cord

Speaking of fraying out, here are some comparison of the different cords and ropes and how they fray. If you are making a project that has this feature, you will want it to look nice. My least favorite are the bonnie craft cord and the braided rope. I much prefer the more natural fibers.

macrame cord fray style

Which macrame cord is your favorite! Check out lots of craft supply options on my Amazon store!

macrame supplies

Here are some other supplies that are great for macrame projects!

Jane gamble

Monday 6th of April 2020

I saw a beautiful Easter basket made with 5 mm COTTON cord, but couldn’t find any online in an Easter color. Can cord be dyed?

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