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Blue Wave Quilt: The Process

Blue Wave Quilt: The Process

Thank you so much for sharing!

Finished Photos here

I was calling it Blue Wave, but my son thinks it looks like a road, what do you think?  This is a quilt that I made for the EZ Dresden Challenge.  I saw the blog hop posts and got an idea, so I decided to participate in the contest.  There are some awesome prizes!  I had been eying the Kona Poseidon Bundle but wasn’t sure what to do with it.  As soon as I saw some of the inspiration posts, I knew what I wanted to do.  This quilt just came together perfectly.  I knew exactly how I wanted everything to go, I didn’t hesitate on placement, colors, background fabric, type of quilting or any of it.  I think this quilt is my favorite that I have completed, although I have a special place in my heart for the Ainsley Star Quilt and I think my Swoon which is waiting to be quilted will be up there too.  Here is a little more detail about how I made it.


The entire Kona Poseidon Bundle

The color selections I made from the bundle and the background fabric I picked with the EZ Dresden template ruler

My friend is pregnant, she is waiting to find out the sex, but if its a boy this will be his quilt.

I cut out the wedges and sewed them together in a meandering shape however I thought looked best.  I ironed the edges under and used the fabric glue stick and some pins to pin it on the background fabric so I could hand stitch it on.

Pinned and ready to stitch.

The top complete after I hand appliqued the “wave” onto the background fabric.

I knew I wanted to do some straight line quilting on the wave and echo quilting out from the curved lines.  Here is the completed quilted back before binding!

Next post will the pictures!  Headed to the beach in a few minutes for photos, hoping it goes well and I get good stuff!



Monday 29th of October 2012

I love this quilt! Do you remember where you got the background fabric, or what it's called? It looks like the perfect background for any and all baby quilts. Or adult quilts, too, for that matter! Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing this.


Friday 7th of September 2012

It's gorgeous! And as a woman who loves blue, I'd say it's perfect for a baby no matter its gender :)


Saturday 1st of September 2012

Really amazing job Mel!!! The quilting is very eye catching!!

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