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Cal King Quilt Endeavor

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hello Blog Readers!  I just realized I haven’t shared with you some of the process photos from the very ambitious bed quilt I have decided to do.  I have a Cal King size bed and I am doing a mini master bedroom makeover, so some new bedding is in order.  If you follow me on Instagram (melaniekham) or Twitter, you will have seen a lot of these pics already.

I am using Kona Snow and Annette Tatum’s Boho line.  This blue is the Henna Sea from 

I am doing the Houndstooth pattern from this awesome book…

Cutting, Cutting, Cutting and I’m not even done cutting.  It’s simple cutting, but Cal King is Large!

Here is a larger swatch of how it will come together, these are not sewn together.  I am however going to add some another fabric as pops of a darker blue for some of the dark houdstooth pieces.  Anyway, hoping I can get a few hours of sewing in during nap time!!  I cleaned and organized the laundry room this morning, so I don’t feel bad ;).

I’ll keep you updated!

Beach Day!
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