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Christmas Quilt Plans

Thank you so much for sharing!

 I really want to do a Christmas quilt.  A quilt that will be a memory for my kids as we grow up and they will look forward to taking out of the Christmas decor box at the holiday season.  I have been going back and forth between Kate Spain’s Flurry and Moda’s countdown to Christmas.  I think I’m gonna go with Flurry, it has a bit more traditional feel that I think will be timeless, but like the color scheme of the Countdown collection.  (I plan to use Countdown for an advent calendar though ;)).

The thing I know for sure is that I want to use a snowball quilt block.  Seems to make sense to me since it’s a Christmas quilt an all.  I drew out my design months ago, but have been waiting for the extra funds to buy the fabric, plus I’ve got some projects I’d like to get closer to complete before starting this one.

Here is my design…

I’ve decided to do the color scheme on the top, a mostly red “snowball” with green being the squares in between (I won’t really use the blue fabrics in the Flurry collection).  Then I’ll have a snow white border with maybe another border in the Christmas fabrics, but maybe just a white border, we’ll see how it looks as it comes together.  Here’s to hoping I can get started and finished with this before the holidays!


Tuesday 18th of October 2011

Flurry does have a classic color scheme. I really like it too.

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Tuesday 18th of October 2011

This is going to look fabulous! I can't wait to see it all's such a wonderful idea.


Tuesday 18th of October 2011

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Monday 17th of October 2011

Love your fabric choices--we share taste!

Anxious to see the finished look.

I have begun a tree skirt myself and I am really enjoying it! It has been awhile since I made something for myself:)


Monday 17th of October 2011

Love it! Inspiring me to think what I can do since I'll be in a new place this Christmas. I think you will anjoy having a place setup in your new place to put all your supplies and work on your projects.

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