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Color Palettes

Color Palettes

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hey Everyone!

How is everyone’s week going?  It’s almost the weekend!  We started homeschooling this week, which has been going better than I expected.  Since my son is an older Kindergartener many of the concepts are very easy for him to understand and we completed the days work quickly.  So now the strategy will be to make it a little more challenging for him ;).  I want to push him, but I don’t really want him to advance grade levels so I just need to work my my Instructor through our school and figure that out as we continue on.  But he loves it so far and asks to do more even when I tell him he can have a break and play for a little bit!

Did you know that Fat Quarter Shop has a new shipping policy?  A cheaper one at that!  I don’t know about you but I am always annoyed by paying for shipping costs.  So this is great news!


I have been having fun playing around with creating color palettes in illustrator.  What do you think of this peach one?


Or even this dreamy sunset pic from when I lived in Hawaii.


Hope you are having a great day!  I shared this over on my Facebook page today, but in case you don’t follow me over there here is some inspiration for you as we approach the weekend and have some creative time!

Good morning lovelies! Do you have something you have been wanting to try, but just don’t know what to do or where to start? I want to tell you today that you CAN do it! Set your mind to it, work hard and you can make it happen, but you have to start!