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Craft Room Organization – Sewing Room Tour

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi there! Today I want to share my craft room organization and my sewing room tour of 2020! In December I completely cleaned out and rearranged my studio. It had gotten out of hand, we all know how messy craft rooms can get.

craft room organization

It literally took me an entire week of sorting, reorganizing and playing around with layout to get this result… and I want to say that I am so happy with my new craft room organization for sewing room!

How to Organize your Craft Room

  • The first thing I did was get rid of stuff. Thin it out, donate and remove anything you don’t actually want in your space
  • Think about ways that would make your productivity better. Do you need a label maker? Some new storage bins? A great bluetooth speaker for blasting music?
  • Make sure everything has a home. A place to live, so that when it is time to tidy up, you aren’t wondering where on earth you should put this.
  • Then… get to work! Pull everything out, thin it out and then put it away neatly in whatever way works best for your craft room organization and how your brain works.

Craft Room Organization on the Wall

I can’t tell you how nice it is to have a peg board for my craft room. It is a way to add pretty things as well as functionality to the wall space which is often bare or contains art work. Crafters need lots of storage so let’s utilize those walls without adding too many bulky bookcases or shelving units.

craft room organization

Melanie’s Craft Room

Let’s take a tour of my craft room shall we? I will include links to all of the furniture, storage pieces and supplies that you see!

My main worktable is from ikea, where you can buy the table top and legs separate. The legs are adjustable and up to the tallest that can go so that i have a height comfortable for cutting my fabric.

The drawer unit under the work table is also from ikea. I love that it is on wheels and I can move it around. Perfect for storing needles, thimbles and smaller items. I have drawer organizers in there to keep things tidy.

On top of the work table is a Stella Light, an Oliso Iron and a wool pressing mat. All of which I love.

craft room organization

I love my peg board for craft room organization. I did a post on how we hung the peg board in this room if you want to add one to your space.

Wanna see what my craft looked like when I first re-did this room?

craft room organization

I really love the workflow of cutting my fabric, pressing it and then sewing. It’s nice that its all right here. Aren’t craft supplies so cute! Its fun and functional to have my favorite rotary cutter, scissors, embroidery hoop, letter board and crochet hooks where I can have easy access.

Sewing Machine Table

My sewing desk is really fancy and from a place called Target, hehe. I would love a table where my machine drops down and creates a flush surface, but I have gotten around to figured that all out. I also swap between my Juki DX7 and my Juki tl-2010q so it would need to accommodate that. Currently I have out my 2010q, she is my favorite. I bought her in December 2013 after saving up for 2 years to have her ;).

sewing room desk

My chair is from ikea and my heart light is from a local artist, Scott Coppersmith. When I first installed the large peg board, I had some left over when Lowe’s cut the boards for me so I put it on this little wall to add some more storage. The thread organizer is cute up there, I cut out the word “aloha” on my Silhouette (I have the cameo 2) and stuck that on and I film all of my macrame tutorials from this spot.

Craft Room Organization Closet

My craft room closet is a standard bedroom size closet. This is where I store my yarn and bins of organized craft supplies like fabric paint, zippers and elastic, embroidery floss and patterns. etc. My yarn shelf is not the cleanest right now, but hey this is how it often looks ;).

Qnique 14+ Long arm

I don’t have a ton to say about this yet since I haven’t started making videos on it. I will say that learning how to use a long arm has had a much steeper learning curve than I anticipated and I very time consumptive. I think I finally have the hang of it thought so videos should be coming soon!

The 10 ft frame that I originally built for it in the unboxing video was just too big for this space and it was making me crazy, so I dropped it down to the 5 ft.

Craft Room Design Wall

This design wall is the same one from way back in 2015 when I made that video. I love having it and highly recommend one for your space. It is helpful to stand back from quilts and see how they look from a distance. It is made with 1 inch wide foam insulation and white flannel, making it very inexpensive to put together and lightweight to hang on the wall.

Fabric Organization

Unfortunately, my fabric had to get moved out of this room. The good news is that it is just around the corner so it’s still easy for me to get to. I completely emptied it out and refolded all of the fabric and organized it so that it was neat and tidy just like everything else in my new craft room organization.

See that doorway just down the hall? That is my craft room, so it really isn’t far. This cabinet is from ikea, the billy bookcase with the doors that are solid on the bottom and glass on the top.

Here is the fabric cabinet closed and it is perfect little spot in my bedroom. This area wasn’t getting utilized at all, so this will work for now. The bin on the top of the cabinet are past projects that I sometimes need to pull out for reference or photographs.

Here’s a pin for you to save it for later!

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