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Craft Room Peg Board DIY

Craft Room Peg Board DIY

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi there!  Today I want to share my craft room peg board diy!  I’ve had this up for a few months now and I LOVE it. I figured I would share all the details, so you could decide if you’d like to add this to your craft room.

Do it Yourself Craft Room Peg Board

craft room peg board

We did all of our shopping at Lowe’s since it’s the closest to our home, but home depot has these products as well. With the popularity of this type of storage system now, you can find large peg boards and accessories pretty easily.

At both hardware stores they are sold by the sheet which is 4 x 8.  I was able to make both boards and have extra from 1 sheet. I planned out where I wanted the boards to be ahead of time and had the measurements ready. This way, we could have the employees Lowe’s cut the sheet down for us (which they do for free!). Not to mention we don’t have a vehicle that could have easily fit a full sheet.

How to Hang the Peg Board

While you are at the store, head to the aisle with the peg board accessories.  Here you will find the mounting hardware and the peg mount hooks and hangers.  Having enough spacers is key.  You can see in the photo the amount of space that needs to be behind that peg board so that you can use the hooks and hangers without scratching up the wall behind it.

On the small peg board I used 1 spacer in each corner and the large board had one in each corner with another one half way across the top and bottom for total of 6.

I purchased this hooks and hangers set as well as this peg basket.  All in all, we spent less than $50 for the boards and accessories.

I love that I can combine practical and beautiful storage with my peg board. I can make it look pretty, but also help keep items off of my craft table.

Types of Storage

I didn’t tidy it up or make it look a certain way for photos, this is how my peg board looks all the time. I love that I have some room to move things around and that it isn’t stuffed to the gills with items.

The board got a lot of use when I filmed my macrame videos for the kits in my shop.  Another thing that is special about this board is that I used my silhouette cameo and make an “aloha” sticker with gold vinyl.  The black containers hold the extra hooks.  I wanted to paint them a cuter color but haven gotten around to it.

This is an example of practical but staged storage. I have my yarn stored elsewhere, but I liked this color combo and wanted yarn to be represented on this wall.  It’s more cute than practical, but still serves a purpose.

The “oh happy day” wood art is from the dollar bins at Target, the metal pail is from the dollar store and my letter board is from letter folk.

My macrame hanging is made by me from THIS KIT in my shop, and the embroidery hoops were made by me from THESE KITS and THIS CLASS. The art was $5 at Target in the frame section.

What do you think of my peg board addition to the craft room?  Here is the post from when I first make my craft room, it has been rearranged several times but this is how it originally looked. Don’t forget that these are also great for garages, pantries, dens and many other areas of your home. You don’t have to use this for craft supplies 😉


Friday 26th of October 2018

Hi Melanie! Thank you soooo much for showing us about the peg boards for sewing/quilting/crochet etc. My sewing room is currently a total mess ;) We just moved 3 months ago & it's taking a while to get everything organized. I love the peg boards and how pretty you've made them and it's functional as well! My husband works at Lowe's so this is great that I can go there & just get my supplies for the peg board. Love that you make everything creative, pretty and functional. Thank you again and keep on being you!! :)


Friday 19th of October 2018

Love it! I'm so glad you shared this I'm currently in the process of redoing my craft room, my husband is making all the shelves, tables and such..can't wait for my peg board to go up😊

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