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Crochet Basics: How to do the Magic Knot

Crochet Basics: How to do the Magic Knot

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi Everyone!

I have a new little series coming your way, a crochet basics series!  I want to have a little library that is easy for you to refer back to.  This crochet basic is the magic knot and is my personal favorite way to join yarn for my crochet projects.

In the video below, I will be using contrasting yarn, but if you are adding a new ball of yarn, it would be the same color.

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How to Join your Yarn

Crochet Basics: The Magic Knot

Digging through my YouTube channel can get a little tricky to find what you are looking for, so I created a tab at the top of the blog called “Crochet Basics” and as I complete new short videos for this library, I will add the content there and as a blog post. If you have any requests for these, leave them in the comments section ;).

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how to join yarn

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This crochet basic is called the Magic Knot and it is one way that you can join your yarn when you run out of a ball and need to add a new one. This makes is secure and hidden… and the best part? No tails to weave in later – yes! 

You can use this for any crochet or knitting project and works well with all types of yarn.  If you have a very bulky yarn like the Bernat Blanket yarn, I recommend trying this first with a scrap to make sure the knot will not be too big.

The magic knot

Have you ever tried this method before??  What do you think about this crochet basics series? I think often times beginners feel intimated about some of these steps that are really pretty easy to do and help you in the end! Let me know your thoughts!

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Georgina holdt

Wednesday 31st of January 2018

Just got back into Crocheting, only knew how to make a basic blanket,(learned in grade 8) I'm now 50, lol, Was put onto your tutorials by my cousin, Thank you Thank you. You are sooooo easy to follow, and now I am obsessed with it, making almost one thing a day. I have had to use other webs for some projects, They are good but not as easy to follow as yours. Your lighting is excellent, and your voice easy to listen to. Please put out more projects for us beginners, Your website is so easy to access and follow. Thank you, Georgina


Wednesday 31st of January 2018

I appreciate those kind words, thank you so much!!

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