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The Russian Join: Crochet Basics with Melanie Ham

The Russian Join: Crochet Basics with Melanie Ham

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi there! Back with another crochet basics video, this time it’s showing how join your yarn in a different way – the Russian join! I recommend getting familiar with this basics, you may not need them now, but down the road you may need it and knowing the basics can really come in handy.  Here’s a video on how to do this crochet basic, the Russian join.

The Russian Join

The Russian join is great to use if you are no changing colors with your yarn.  While you can get really good at it, it’s often hard to have the color change be at the perfect spot.  I tend to like this type of join when you are adding a new ball of yarn, not necessarily a different color.

How to Join Yarn: 2 ways

I have shared how to do the magic knot in THIS post and video.

crochet basics

Most crocheters and knitting find that weaving in the tails of the yarn at the end of a project is a total drag and one of our least favorite parts of the crochet process.  I agree!  These types of joins help you avoid that weaving in at the end. Both of these methods are great! I like the magic knot a little better, but the Russian join is a good one too!

The reason I like the magic knot a little better is because of how quick you can do it.  The Russian join takes a little longer, so that’s why of opt not to do it very often, however the magic knot will leave a small “knot” that you can feel in finer crochet work.

the russian join

I hope you enjoyed this basic of how to join yarn, click HERE to see all of the other crochet basics in this series.  I have also prepared a Crochet Beginner Guide for those of you out there looking to learn how to crochet!


Saturday 17th of February 2018

Thank you, Melanie. I think I like the Magic Knot a lot better than the Russian Join. Just seems easier and quicker.

Nice videos!

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