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DIY Face Mask with Ties, Fitted Nose and Filter Pocket

DIY Face Mask with Ties, Fitted Nose and Filter Pocket

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hey everyone! Yesterday, I posted the 10 minute homemade face mask tutorial and it featured elastic. I know that elastic is hard to find right now, so I made a diy face mask version with ties, a fitted nose and a filter pocket.

diy face mask

DIY Face Mask with Ties

I am using high quality 100% cotton for these. There is so many ideas and opinions spinning around about what fabric is best so I encourage you to do some research. Some have recommended bed sheets or mens dress shirts, so there are other options out there if you don’t have this type of fabric.

DIY face mask

Here is a link that has more info about materials to use. These will mostly keep your own germs to yourself and keep you from touching your nose and mouth while you are out.

What can you use for face mask filters?

There have been lots of great ideas like, swiffer cloths, blue shop towels, furnace filters, applying interfacing and HEPA vacuum bags. I have not tested all of these, but the main thing you want to make sure of is that it is still breathable. We want to use safe products that we can breathe through. After all, these are not mean to filter out the virus, they are meant to keep our germs to ourselves and keep us from touching our faces.

Here is a great link from the CDC, to give us some more info.

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Yield: 1 Mask with Ties

DIY Face Mask with Ties

diy face mask

This version of the diy face mask features a filter pocket, fitted nose and ties.

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty beginner


  • (1) 9 x 6 fabric in Color A
  • (2) 9 x 6 fabric in Color B (filter pocket)
  • (2) strips of fabric 1 3/4 x 40 inches
  • Coordinating polyester thread
  • 4.5 inch pipe cleaner



  1. Place 2 fabric from color b right sides together. Make a 2.5 inch mark along the center on both short sides. Sew along the line back stitching well. diy face mask
  2. Flip fabric right side out and press. diy face mask
  3. Place the right side of color A fabric and the pocket unit and sew all the way around the rectangle. diy face mask
  4. Trim corners and flip unit right side out and press seam flat. diy face mask
  5. Make 3 marks for pleats 1 inch apart. Make first mark in the center and measure out from there. Sew along the side folding at the marks and clipping in place or using seam ripper for making the pleat and sew down well. Back stitch over pleats. Do both short sides. diy face mask
  6. At this point, if you are using a pipe cleaner, insert that at the top of the mask and zig zag over pipe cleaner really well. diy face mask
  7. Take your strips of fabric and use a 25 mm bias tape maker to press it. (if you don't have a bias tape maker, press in half to make crease and then fold edges toward center and press. The fold in half and press) diy face mask
  8. Find center of tie and center of mask and clip the tie around the mask. diy face mask
  9. Trim ends of tie and fold in to prepare to sew it. diy face mask
  10. Start from one end of the tie and sew down to the other end. When you get to the mask part, make sure your needle position is such that it catches the top and bottom of the ties. DIY face mask

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Jean Treider

Thursday 23rd of April 2020

This is a great method. I need to make some for my 8 year old grandson. How would you alter the measurements for a child size mask? Thanks!


Saturday 18th of April 2020

Thanks for the idea of zigzagging over the pipe cleaner!! I made 28 with pockets for filter and pipe cleaner inserted on top-washed in hot water and the pipe cleaners pushed out of the sides or tore right through the fabric! So disappointed!! Pushed them all back in but think I will do the zig zagging before I give them away!!


Friday 24th of April 2020

Because the pipe cleaner will rust when washed, I think it is a good idea to not zigzag but leave the little pocket open so the pipe cleaner can be removed before washing. Just my opinion - that's how I'm making them.


Saturday 18th of April 2020

This is my favorite face mask tutorial. Thank you for your help. I’m new to sewing and I wanted to ask you what length and width of your zigzag stitch is when you sew over the pipe cleaner. I’m have the same issue with mine poking through.

My Favorite Health

Monday 13th of April 2020

Really amazing ideas and useful. Thanks for sharing

Olivia emily

Monday 13th of April 2020

Hi, Really Useful ideas am very thankful for sharing.

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