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DIY Succulent Planter

DIY Succulent Planter

Thank you so much for sharing!

Happy Monday!  I have a little introduction to make… this is Ashley!  She’s my bestie.  We’ve been friends for 15 years… half our lives which is crazy!  She happens to be super awesome and super crafty and last weekend her and her husband made this DIY Planter that rocked!  I asked her if we could put some photos on the blog, I knew you would love it as much as I did.  I think she should post sometime again!


At her 30th birthday party


That time we did a craft fair together!

Take it away Ash!

Hi there!  Today, I have a super simple DIY project repurposing anything around your house into a beautiful planter.


A few weekends ago, my husband wanted to plant some new plants in our backyard to get ready for spring. I know we may have awhile still but this 70+ degree weather in CA is amazing for now!   We packed up the car and headed to the nursery to look at plants. I have always loved the look of succulents and well, California is in the middle of a drought, so its perfect.

We got to work right away and as my husband was planting some of our new treasures, I started looking at our old fire pit which we didn’t use much and had an idea… why not turn it into a planter ?


All you need is some potting soil, pretty flowers of your choosing, and something you want to turn into a planter. It could be an old wagon, fire pit, wine barrel, vintage suitcase, the possibilities are endless which is why this is such a fun project.




I loved how ours turned out and how it ties our whole backyard together.  So go enjoy some time outside… and get creative!

For all you pinners out there… an image just for you! Hover over the photo and click the “pin it” button to save it for later 😉


Thanks Ashley!  I know you all will love this inspiring post… Who else is excited for spring?!