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Easy DIY Balcony Update

Easy DIY Balcony Update

Thank you so much for sharing!


I recently updated my balcony and wanted to share some of the things I did as well as a little video that shows some of the process!

Here is the Before… I know – not awesome.


Step 1: Clean your space

I feel like this goes without saying, but it’s so true that no matter what room of the house you design, it always needs a good scrub.

Step 2: Reevaluate your furniture

I added some pieces from a local vintage shop as well as moved some tables to different locations to achieve the look I wanted and what functioned well.  For example I bought this little table off of a local garage sale/facebook page for $20 and I painted it with yellow chalk paint to add a pop of color. Also, the pillows were $9 a piece at Target.

I also got these wood lattice pieces at Lowe’s for holding up places, but I decided to prop the up behind to add height since I can drill any holes into the walls because of the HOA.  If you could secure them well, it would be fun to hang some lawn decorations, glass bulb like succulents or wind chimes from here.

Some other great blue chairs.


Step 3: Add greenery!

I added a ton of plants, which really makes the space so much more pleasant.  Get your ceramic pots at Tj Maxx, Homegoods or Ross and go with a color scheme in mind ;).   I picked some jasmine because they are hearty and some succulents because they are drought tolerant (I live in SoCal).  The yellow crate on the left of the photo below I bought at the same local vintage shop as the black bench and ties in with the table.

Here are some other cute and reasonable options on Amazon.



The plumeria plant is a fun addition and reminds me of when we lived in Hawaii.

Trellis panel very similar to mine.


Here is the full video tutorial with more details about the process ;).

Barbara Boyle

Saturday 16th of July 2016

Awesome transformation, Melanie, especially the potted plants which will definitely give some privacy, not to mention the visual effect! I'll look forward to watching your bench seat cushion. Your son and daughter are adorable. They grow up fast! My sons are 30 and 34! Thanks for sharing.

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