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Easy Zippered Box Pouch Tutorial

Easy Zippered Box Pouch Tutorial

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hey Everyone! I have ready a very highly requested sewing tutorial!  An easy zippered box pouch!  Super fun, fast and easy to make these are perfect gifts.  These don’t require a ton of fabric, so you can use some really fun fabric combinations.

Melanie’s Easy Zippered Box Pouch

easy zippered box pouch
easy zippered box pouch tutorial

Interested in a stand up zip pouch and not this easy zippered box pouch? I have a post HERE.



2  Outside pieces measuring 13 x 9.5
2 – Lining pieces measuring 13 x 9.5
2 – Fusible Fleece measuring 13 x 9.5 (I use Pellon 987FB10)
1 – Pull Tab piece measuring 2 1/4 x 7
14 inch zipper
(coordinating thread, sewing machine, pins, clover clips, walking foot, serger)

easy zippered box pouch tutorial


Attach the fusible fleece to the wrong side of the outside pieces of your box pouch using the manufacturers instructions. If you have any glue front he fleece exposed, use a pressing cloth so you don’t get your iron messy.

Insert Zipper

Place zipper teeth side down on the right side of the outside pieces along the 13 inch side. Watch the directions of the print if necessary.
Place lining right side down (so right sides are together) and clip lining, zipper and outside piece together using pins or clips.

Sew zipper in place using regular foot or zipper foot.

Place the zipper teeth down on the 2nd outside piece and place lining right side down making sure all the edges are lined up. Pin or clip in place

Now Sew the other side of the zipper in place.

Press to prepare for top stitching

Topstitch along the zipper using a coordinating thread

Put walking foot on the machine if you have it.

The Body of the Pouch

Fold pouch in half with the outside pieces touching and sew the bottom edge of the bag closed using a 1/2 inch seam allowance. Use a serger or zig zag stitch to finish the seam.

Open zipper at least half way.

Match up bottom seam of the bag (that you just completed) to the side of the zipper with the metal end pieces. fold the pull tab in half and place the raw edge along the bottom seam and zipper, pin in place well. Pin the rest of that side of the bag.

On the other side with pin the pull tab centered with raw sides together on the bottom seam. Pin the zipper with a slight overlap in place. This will help the bag from getting a large gap as the feed dogs pull the bag through.

Trim the zipper ends using no fabric scissors. Make sure the little metal end piece is trimmed off.

Zig zag or serge the seams.

Box it out

Using a water soluble pen or something similar, mark the fold edges on the long side down about 2 inches on all 4 corners. Pop the corner out and line up the side seam with the marked line. Using a ruler measure down 2 inches from the tip of the corner and draw a perpendicular line between the 1 and 4 mark on the ruler and pin. Repeat on all 4 sides.

Sew along the 4 inch line backstitching well.

Trim the corners off leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Do a Zig zag stitch or serge all 4 corners. (if you have a serger you don’t need to trim first)

Trim threads and turn right side out using your finger to push out all the corners.

Here’s a full video tutorial to make your easy zippered box pouch!

My Favorite Clover Clips

easy zippered box pouch tutorial

Happy Sewing 😉

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Friday 23rd of September 2016

Hey Melanie, Have you done this as a quilted bag using batting by any chance? I'm just wondering if the batting bulk messes with the shape of the bag. I've made dozens with the fusible fleece and I love giving them as gifts (I also use them for all of my sewing supplies and makeup)


nour mohannad

Tuesday 23rd of August 2016

hi Melanie I really love this project and i made several of this box pouch ...... I rally love your channel Thanks for this tutorial.

nour mohannad

Tuesday 23rd of August 2016

Hi Melanie I really love your channel Thanks for this tutorial

karen donley

Monday 1st of August 2016

Melanie, I've been sewing for years - great idea - I made one this weekend for my son-in-law. The next time I think I will make the outside and inside separately so the inside of the bag will look cleaner and you won't see the seams. Thanks for taking the time to post this. Karen - South Florida

Jeanett Nergaard

Tuesday 15th of November 2016

Hey! Im new to this. I want to try to make this bag, and I want to try to make it so you dont see the seams inside. You say to make the outside and inside separately, and I want to do that too. Now my question is; how do you do that? :)

Sharon Worster

Wednesday 12th of October 2016

Me too. I really love the bag but the lining is not pretty at all and I didn't realize until well into the project that it wasn't a fully lined bag. :( I wish I'd read your post 1st.

Thanks for the post and video though. I learned a lot! ~Sharon


Saturday 30th of July 2016

Very cool, looking forward to making begin with


Sunday 26th of June 2016

Hi Melanie, I have made several of these bags and I've embroidered names and initials on them. They are so rewarding and make great gifts. My grandson uses his for his electronics to his computer, I pod, and kindle fire. It's perfect for chargers and cords. Thanks for the info and tips.

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