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Essential Oils Giveaway!

Essential Oils Giveaway!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hey Everyone!  You have all heard about essential oils by now right?  A bunch of my friends swear by them, so I was curious to try some out.  I got some Thieves from my online friend Nikki to try out for this cold and flu season and we are going to GIVE AWAY a 5ml bottle of Thieves to one of YOU!  Sweet right?

What is Thieves oil?  It’s a blend of cloves, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus and rosemary and helps support your immune system.  Last week I noticed my son getting a runny nose.  I had the oil so I diluted it with some coconut oil and applied it to his feet (and my daughters too).  He did still get the cold, but I could tell that it could have gotten much worse and I think the oil helped.  He didn’t have a drop in energy or appetite, just had a mild cold for a few days and then good as new!  My daughter had a day or 2 of mild congestion but that was it.  Yay!  I have even been using it on myself and so far I haven’t gotten anything.  It’s hard to say for absolute certainty that the oil is what helped, but it definitely seems like it did!  Plus my kids, especially my son, LOVE the smell.


Let me have Nikki introduce herself to you!  If you have any questions or concerns about oils, are curious or want more info, she is your girl!  Take it away Nikki!


I am a momma to two and married to one 🙂 Last year, our children were sick, literally, from October 2013-around March 2014. One would catch something, the other would catch it a week later, and then so on and so forth. Between doctor visits, driving, medications (which I did not want to give my children), I was seriously at my end with everything. We began praying about investing in some high quality essential oils. We researched, read, and prayed continuously, and finally I felt like we had ran across a brand called Young Living, that would fit our needs.  We finally committed to getting the $150 Premium Starter Kit to get the best bang for our buck AND we wanted the diffuser so we all could benefit from the oils. When I received my kit, we immediately began using Thieves oil (the germ buster). My kids went a week without getting sick, then two weeks, then a month, then several months, and now we are in October and the ONLY thing they have gotten since using Thieves on their feet and spine nightly, is a runny nose and mild cough. Seriously. (of course, we try to eat healthy most of the time and exercise as well) Anyway, we have also used many of the oils in the kit with much success!

Like anything, it’s wise to do research before beginning your essential oil journey and learn how to use each one, I recommend getting a essential oil reference guide on

Like I said, Nikki is very knowledgable and can answer any of the questions you have.  If you already know you love essential oils and want to purchase the Premium Starter Kit, head on over  to and click Member Sign Up.  Nikki’s sponsor ID number is #1781172 and the enroller ID is the same.  Choose the PSK (which is a $150, but a steller deal) and say no the rewards.  Put in your info and you are done!  Anyone who purchases this kit will be entered into a separate drawing to win any oil of their choosing up to a $40 value.

If you have never tried essential oils or are still doing your research, enter the giveaway and have a chance to win some Thieves to try for yourself!

OK, so ready to know how to enter the giveaway?!

Head over to Nikki’s Instagram Page (@TheHoskinsHouse), FOLLOW HER and  and leave a COMMENT saying, “Melanie sent me! “

If you don’t have Instagram, head over to her blog HERE and leave a comment on the most recent post saying “Melanie sent me!”

I will draw from those 2 locations and pick a number at random for the giveaway winner.  You have until Friday Oct 31st to enter!

Good luck everyone!