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Finger Crochet Blanket Tutorial – No crochet knowledge needed!

Finger Crochet Blanket Tutorial – No crochet knowledge needed!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Today I’m happy to share a finger crochet blanket tutorial! And the cool thing is, you don’t have to know how to crochet to make this blanket. In fact, I made this video nice and slow particularly for those of you who do not know how to crochet at all but would like a handmade blanket like this.

What kind of yarn to use for finger crochet?

You want to use a very bulky yarn for this. Most chain craft stores have some size 7 yarn that would work! Hobby Lobby always has a good selection of very bulky yarn around the fall/winter. This yarn is the Yarn Bee tocco di lana yarn but you can substitute any super bulky yarn that have access to. You can also make this by using a double or triple strand of a thinner yarn that you like.

These very chunky yarn blankets have been all the rage for a few years with no signs of the trend slowing down. Have you been wanting to make one of these before? I love how quick they work up, just an hour or two and even faster if you have a little bit of crochet knowledge.

finger crochet

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Yield: 1 blanket

Finger Crochet Blanket Tutorial

finger crochet

My blanket measures 75 long by 18 wide with fringe that measures 10 inches. The yarn I used has been discontinued, but there are many that will work.

Active Time 1 hour 30 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 30 minutes


  • 200-300 yards of bulky 7 yarn


  • scissors


  1. Begin with 200-300 yards of super bulky size 7 yarn. Depending on what brand and style of yarn you choose, there can be a big difference in the size 7 category. When in doubt, buy some extra and keep your receipt because you can return the yarn (check your stores policy due to the virus). finger crochet
  2. Make a slip knot.finger crochet
  3. Make a foundation chain with your fingers. Try to keep each chain the same size. I did a chain of 45, but you will likely want something thinner if you are making a throw blanket. finger crochet
  4. In the 2nd chain from your fingers (as shown) is where you will place your first stitch. finger crochet
  5. bring your fingers through the loop and insert your fingers into that 2nd chain and grab the yarn and pull through. There should be 2 loops on your hand. finger crochet
  6. With the 2 loops still on your hand, grab the yarn and pull through the 2 loops. finger crochet
  7. You just made a single crochet! Repeat this all the way down your foundation chain. finger crochet
  8. Don't forget this little guy at the end! finger crochet
  9. Next you will make 1 chain (the turning chain), flip your blanket around because we always crochet from right to left. When we go back down this row, we want to place the stitch under these two strands. finger crochet
  10. make a stitch on top of each previous stitch all the way back down. Here is what the last stitch looks like. finger crochet
  11. Continue making your stitches until you run out of yarn. When you run out of yarn, secure a new ball with a standard knot or the magic knot. finger crochet finger crochet
  12. Now you will keep crocheting until you reach the size you want. When I had 1 ball left, I went ahead and did the fringe so that I knew I would have enough. Then I completed the blanket with the rest of the final ball. To make the fringe you need to cut strands about 20 inches long. finger crochet
  13. Fold the strand in half and take the loop side and bring it up underneath 2 strands along the short side of the blanket. finger crochet
  14. Bring the strands through the loop and tighten. finger crochet
  15. You can fray out the yarn if you'd like. finger crochet
  16. yummy fringe finger crochet
  17. Finish off the blanket and enjoy! finger crochet

Did you make this project?

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Tina Roberts

Sunday 22nd of November 2020

Hi Melanie. I've just watched your envelope cushion tutorial which is brilliant. I've just looked at your page for the finger crochet blanket tutorial but for some reason it wont let me watch the video. Help

marion bergeron

Monday 16th of November 2020

dear melanie, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy all of your teaching videos. I pray that this post finds you well. had some discouraging new. broke my finger trying to put my trash out and fell and broke my finger. I am doing much better but trying to work with very sore hand and finger. I so enjoy watching your video on quilting. gonna try to do other things when hand heals. you are in my prayers and keep on posting, I am learning from them. blessings toodie

Jan eidsmo

Thursday 12th of November 2020

I wanted to print the instructions but the pictures don’t show up any suggestions Thanks Hope you are feeling good


Friday 13th of November 2020

It's fixed! my sincerest apologies!


Friday 13th of November 2020

I know, I'm so sorry! Troubleshooting with my host right now to get this resolved

Heather Powell

Tuesday 3rd of November 2020

Really enjoyed this video and blog. Thank you so much! I haven’t been able to crochet because of pain in my elbow and it feels nice to get back at it.

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