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Finished Halloween/Fall Quilt – Tula Pink Nightshade

Finished Halloween/Fall Quilt – Tula Pink Nightshade

Thank you so much for sharing!

Happy Monday Everyone!  I hope you all had a great weekend!  I finished my Halloween/Fall Quilt, I was hoping to finish it by Halloween but I was a few days late, here’s the info ;).  This is the Tula Pink Nightshade Quilt,

Tula Pink Nightshade Quilt

52 x 61
Tula Pink NightShade Fabric, back is Kona Teal Blue
Warm and White Batting
Quilted by Me on my Vintage Singer 201-2

Tula Pink Nightshade Quilt

I came up with the pattern on my own, something to highlight the cameo images but showcase the various prints in the line of fabric.

These lovely ladies are so fun.  I think this fabric is so creative.

I really tried to push myself with the quilting.  Quilting on my vintage machine can be really tricky and sometimes maddening, but I learned so much about what my machine can do and had fun figuring out the quilting.

Kona Teal Quilting

I used a light grey thread so on the back you can really see the quilting.

I quilted it a little wider on the borders.

Hope you guys like!  I’m so glad to have this Tula Pink NightShade Quilt for my family and can’t wait to get started on our Christmas quilt!

Belinda Del Pesco

Monday 5th of November 2012

This.Is.Awesome! I love the colors, the faces, and the crazy, mad freestyle of your stitch meandering. Great job, Mel!

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