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How to Crochet a Fox Blanket Tutorial

Thank you so much for sharing!

Happy Tuesday!

I am happy to finally release the blanket I have been working on for several weeks now!  If you follow me on Snapchat you have seen me working on it.  I made a video showing you all the steps on how to make this Like a Fox Blanket from!  You can get your free pattern HERE!  Full video tutorial is down below in this post.



6 balls Bernat Softee Baby Chunky in Creamsicle
1 ball of Bernat Softee Baby Chunky in Cream Puff
1 ball of Bernat Softee Baby Chunky in Nighty Night
L/8 mm crochet hook
H/5 mm crochet hook
yarn needle

*Refer to your Free pattern HERE for full instructions.



I love how in this photo he looks like a little fox exploring in the grass… It’s just the cutest!!

Here is the full video tutorial.  The video is quite long at 50 minutes, and it shows you Every.Step.Of.The.Way.  I would say this is an experienced beginner project because it utilizes several different stitches, but I show you them all in real time, so have no fear ;).  None of the video is sped up, but I do jump ahead if I have already covered something. I will also include the timecode with the steps broken down so that you can jump straight to the spot you need to.

1:40 Intro and Materials
2:32 Foundation Chain
3:44 First row
5:20 2nd Row
7:21 Join New Color, 3rd Row
8:42 4th Row
9:35 5th Row
11:07 Finish white/ End of 8th Row
11:39 9th Row – beginning of orange color
12:29 Check gauge
12:51 Adding a new ball of yarn
13:30 finishing up 30 inches of blanket
13:58 Begin hood
15:40 2nd Row hood
16:18 3rd Row hood
19:17 4th-8th Row
19:28 Finishing 8th Row
19:30 9th Row Hood
21:42 10-14 rows
21:53 Start 15th row hood
23:57 Continue till hood reaches 8 inches
24:11Fasten off, begin top hood
24:23 Top hood 1st Row
25:09 Top hood 2nd and 3rd Row
25:27 Top Hood 4th row
26:39 Top Hood rows 5-7
27:02 Top Hood Row 8
27:50 Top Hood row 9-10
28:12 End of row 10, add cream puff yarn
28: 24 Top hood rows 11-14
29:19 Sew hood together
31:12 Border
31: 31 Border start of round 1
34:14 finishing 1st round of border
35:05 Face
35:18 Eyes
36:47 Eye ball
37:32 Inner Ear
38:26 Inner Ear row 2
39:38 Inner Ear row 3
42:20 Join Ear
48:36 Sew face to hood


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