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How Far I’ve Come

Thank you so much for sharing!

How Far I’ve Come

It’s late, I’m up watching the Olympics and fixing old blog posts after my site hack over a year ago (don’t worry the site is safe now) but I came across this post from 2010.  I wanted to share 😉

You can see the obvious broken image, but can you read what it says above that?

how far i've come

I did a giveaway for reaching 30 subscribers… you guys. 30. I saw that and was immediately stunned.  I was and still am so honored that 30 people would read my blog.

As a blogger and online influencer, comparison is often a very difficult thing to overcome. While I can be honest and say that I truly feel that there is room for all of us, that bringing others down is not the answer and that we can ALL thrive – I am also human and I can say that I sometimes struggle with comparison.  There are so many amazing makers and designers out there!

It helps to push me but can also lead me to beat myself up – this is real honest talk here.

I am thankful for this reminder because when I remember back to the time that I was so excited to have 30 subscribers on this blog and that now I have over 500,000 subscribers across all of my social media channels – I am filled with gratitude.  It doesn’t happen overnight and honestly the numbers do.not.matter to me.  The honest truth is that making a connection and empowering your creativity and helping you discover handmade is FAR better than silly numbers.

We can get very hard on ourselves where we are now (and where others are) and forget about how far we have come.  This creative life is about the journey.

Maybe it was watching the Olympics or the glass of whiskey I was drinking but I remembered this tonight and I am thankful.

Review Your Evidence

Do you feel this way with your creativity?  Right now, I want you to pull out a photo of one of your first creations – It’s ok, I’ll wait and get mine out too.

Now compare that with something you made recently… Ok I’ll go first.  I made this pillow with a leftover block from my first quilt. This was back before I was on YouTube in 2009. Hopefully you can see that at least my photography skills have improved haha ;).


Now here’s a photo from the Isaiah Border Blanket course… and um hello – that’s a little better right? We’ve graduated to natural light and props!

crochet blanket with border

Now your turn…

See what I mean?! The only comparison I want to be guilty of is to myself. I want to continue to learn and grow, but it’s not fair to compare my journey to someone else’s. Do MY best for HIS glory and that is my ultimate goal at the end of the day. And doing my best means to lift others up as well. Let’s live this creative life well… let’s try our best and live in gratitude and positivity toward ourselves and toward others – with a drive that urges us to continue to learn and create and give.

While I was looking through old photos I came across this little blast from the past.  Here’s my little sewing area in our 2nd house in Alaska, this little townhouse was on Fort Richardson, which is now called JBER or Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson. We lived in this house less than a year but I loved that my husband could walk to work (we had 1 car) and the moose would come and eat the leaves off of our trees because we didn’t have a fence for our yard. This area was in our 3rd bedroom/guest room but honestly I sewed at the dining table most of the time so I could watch my son play who was about 2 years old.

old sewing room

I’d love to hear your thoughts, has this resonated with you in some way?  Leave me a comment and let me know!


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