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How to Crochet a Scallop Edge on a Kitchen Towel

How to Crochet a Scallop Edge on a Kitchen Towel

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I’ve got a fun new tutorial for you today, something that has been on my list for a long time.  I’m going to show you how to make a scallop crochet edge on a kitchen towel.



Embroidery needle

perle cotton thread No. 8 (DMC and Anchor makes it)

Water soluble pen

Kitchen Towel (I purchased mine from Ross, TJ Maxx is a good spot too)

Cotton yarn (Cotton ease or sugar and cream)

crochet hook (3.75mm or 4mm for Cottonease and 5mm for sugar and cream)


In order to attach the crochet border to the kitchen towel (pillow case, handkerchief etc.) you must first put a blanket stitch.  I show you all the details in the video below.


For the CottonEase yarn, make your marks for the blanket stitch on the back side of the towel with a water soluble pen 1/4 of an inch away from one another, and for the Sugar and Cream, they need to be 3/8 inch.

For the scallop edge, make sure your number of stitches can be divided by 4 and then plus 1.  So, for example, 29 – 28 can be divided by 7 and then + 1 for 29.

Once the blanket stitch has been attached to your cotton item, you can crochet your scallop edge.
Tie the yarn to the perle cotton and working from right to left on the front of the towel..
Insert your hook in the first perle cotton stitch, yarn over and pull through.  Chain 1.
sc in the same stitch
skip a stitch
5 dc in the same stitch to form the scallop
skip a stitch
skip a stitch
5dc in the same stitch to form scallop and repeat.  You should end with a sc stitch.
Cut the yarn, pull it through the loop on your crochet hook and weave in with a yarn needle.


What do you think of this project?


The purple is the CottonEase yarn and the white is the Sugar and Cream.


I hope you enjoy making this beautiful little edging!  In a few days I will post the picot edge tutorial I made!  Here is the full video tutorial.

*This post contains affiliate links, it’s of no cost to you but the small % helps me purchase more supplies for videos!  THANK YOU for the support in this way.


Wednesday 16th of November 2016

I stumbled across your videos and they are so good. I am a quilter and would love to learn to crochet and make trim on towels. Your video's should be a great help. Thank you. I see the yarn you are using. I'm wandering can a more thin yarn be used for a more delicate look?

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