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How to Make a Scrap Quilt

How to Make a Scrap Quilt

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hello Everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you how to make a scrap quilt!  If you sew or quilt a lot, you inevitably have lots of unused scraps in some of your favorite fabrics!  I’m going to show you 1 way to make a scrap quilt and use up some of those precious fabrics!

How to Make a Scrap Quilt


Helpful Tools

Here are some of the helpful tools to have on hand for this project.
Rotarty Cutter and 2.5 inch ruler.

I am normally a minimalist when it comes to sewing gadgets and gizmos.  The rotating mat is one of those things that I don’t always use, but when I do, I’m so glad I have it!  Also, it’s great for taking with you if you do any sew days, classes or retreats!  Having a ruler that is 2.5 inches wide and long enough to grip was very handy for this project too!

Ruler Set and rotating mat.


Tips for Deciding Which Fabrics

I like to pick a color scheme when I make a scrap quilt – start with 2-3 colors that you like together from your scrap selection and stick with that if you have enough.  That helps to create a more cohesive look, although quilts with all colors are beautiful too! Either way scrap quilts are beautiful!  And I love the idea that they use up what we have, it harkens back to the quilts of old in a way.

Pick a Square

The next thing I like to do is pick a size square that will work for my scraps, it’s usually 2.5 inches. That way I can use small pieces but if it’s smaller than that, I usually toss it.  If you have large scrap pieces, consider a 3 inch square or bigger, it will make your quilt top sew up a little faster ;0)

darla coffman

Tuesday 3rd of May 2016

I love your idea of a scrappy quilt. Thats a great idea. Your quilt is very nice. Thanks


Tuesday 3rd of May 2016

Hi Melanie, Very nice tutorial. I always enjoy your videos. Nina


Wednesday 13th of April 2016

Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing. I'll definitely be organizing my scraps this way for sure.

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