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How to Sew a Floor Pouf or Ottoman

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi Everyone!

I have a new sewing tutorial for you!  I am beginning a new series over on YouTube, a home series!  I am working on various areas of my own home and I thought it would be fun to share my projects with you.  They will all have a DIY and handmade twist to keep them budget friendly and my own style.  Plus, surrounding yourself with handmade things is unlike anything else!  It brings me so much peace and joy to create things with my own two hands – I’m obsessed!  The full video tutorial is at the end of this post to learn how to sew this easy floor pouf!


I used a throw blanket that I purchased at Homegoods for $20 😉 I included a zipper to make it washable – cause you know… I have kids. And a cat.


This is surprisingly easy to make. It cost me $45 to make it with the blanket, zipper and stuffing.  The stuffing was the most expensive part of the whole thing haha!


I made mine pretty big, but you can easily adjust the size based on your preference and blanket size.


Sit on it or put your feet on it… either way! People keep asking me about the black and white crochet blanket in this photo… full tutorial here ;).


Here I am surrounded by all kinds of handmade!!  Recognize any of these projects?!

Here is the full video tutorial for how to make the pouf!

Baby Bobble Crochet Blanket Video Course!
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