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How to Use Batting Scraps – 8 great ideas!

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No quilter wants to waste precious materials that we have purchased and use in our quilts and projects. Often times, we end up with these extra scraps of batting in various sizes. In this post, I’m going to give you 8 ideas (actually more!) to use up your batting scraps. Sometimes we need some different ideas on how to use batting scraps we have laying around in our sewing spaces!

How to Use Batting Scraps

The first way that I like to use batting scraps is to seam it together. We often have long, skinny pieces of batting scraps that are long enough to use in a quilt. So instead of buying another large piece we can seam together two pieces. I like to use this fusible seam tape. You iron it on and it holds up well in the wash (I’ve done this a bunch of times).

A few things with this method… only have 1 seam per quilt, don’t do this on your precious heirloom quality quit that took you hours and hours, and make sure you are doing enough quilting to hold it together should the seam tape wear down in the wash over time.

My 2nd favorite way is to make sample quilt sandwiches. This is KEY. I have many of these sitting next to my sewing machine because they are agreat for testing tension, thread color, new threads, new designs – a whole host of reasons. Don’t do the testing on your precious quilt, do it on these sample quit sandwiches that use up scrap fabric and batting.

The 3rd way to use up your batting scraps is to make my easy fabric basket. I did not use any fancy interfacing with this project, just plain ol’ batting.

fabric basket

A 4th way to tell you how to use up batting scraps is to make my super popular boxy bags. I used fusible fleece interfacing for the tutorial but you can totally use batting. Especially if you quilt it first. This goes for zip pouches, tote bags, key fobs etc… anything that needs a little extra sturdiness can be used with batting.

box pouch sizes

We are now on our 5th way of using batting scraps and that is for cleaning! Ugh, I know.. cleaning, but these are great for dusting your sewing machine and work table or white board. The area behind my machine is always super dusty. Also, similarly the 6th idea is that these can be used for storing delicate items like Christmas ornaments or even for shipping items that are breakable.

The next way (#7) is to make coasters, mug rugs, placemats or even table runners. These are smaller quilted projects that use odd sizes of batting and are perfect for those scraps. These are great gifts AND help you thin your your scrap bin – win win!

coaster sewing tutorial

The final idea I have for you today is to use batting scraps to stuff small pillows, or stuffies, crochet amigurumi etc.! If you are a stuffed animal sewist, this is perfect for you!

I hope you enjoyed learning how to use batting scraps! Are there any ways that you commonly used that I missed? Let me know, I always love to hear about what you are doing in your sewing rooms as well.

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