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I’m a Genetic Quilter

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hello Everyone!  Today’s post is a little more personal and gives you a little peek into my background and my family and a little bit about how I got into creating.  I really do feel like it’s in my genetics… I think there is a certain type of person who is naturally interested in “making.”  It used to be a necessity of life and now it’s a little bit more of a luxury – a hobby – for fun.  I don’t personally feel that way because it makes me a happier person when I am able to create – and thankfully I have been able to make it my job, which I feel so thankful for!

My Great Grandma Dolly was a quilter.  My Grandma Tracy recently gave my Mom (who is a more recent quilter) a quilt top that my Great Grandma Dolly had finished but didn’t complete the entire quilt before she passed away.  There were two identical quilt tops, one for me and one for my cousin Heather.  So my Mom took the quilt tops and decided to modify it and modernize it a bit, but most of all, finish it.

Here is my cute Grandma with the new and improved… and Finished quilt.  My Mom surprised her on her last visit to Arizona where she lives with it all bound and quilted.

The original quilt did not have the pink hearts on top of the purple and it had these gold beads instead of the small bow.  The purple heart, lace edging, mauvy pink squares, white sashing and purple cornerstones were all original.  Here’s a pic of the original 😉


So when my Mom came to visit in early October (after stopping in Arizona) she brought the quilt to give to me/Ainsley, just like my great Grandma originally intended – all these years later.

Strange to think that there are 5 generations of women involved in this quilt.  My great Grandma Dolly for originally designing it and making the top for me when I was a baby – my Grandma Tracy who has held onto it all these years and hoped it would get complete one day, my Mom for making the modifications, and quilting it and binding it to make it washable and usable – And of course me and Ainsley who will use it and love it and remember our grandmas when we see it.

That is one thing I really love about quilting, it truly is an heirloom piece… something to pass down and use and love and remember and grow attached too.

With Christmas next week, I hope we all can take a deep breath and spend quality time with our families… remembering what the season is all about and relishing in the nostalgia of Mom’s house or Grandma’s house and memories of Christmases past as well.

Merry Christmas!

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