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Melanie’s Quilt Gallery: The Sampler Quilt

Melanie’s Quilt Gallery: The Sampler Quilt

Thank you so much for sharing!

Today’s post is about the sampler quilt. I have been slowly going through all of my quilts and rephotographing them in a little makeshift setting in my garage. I’m calling these posts Melanie’s Quilt Gallery so that I can catalog them but also share a bit more about them.  Hopefully this will help you be inspired in your quilting journey to see a collection of my quilts and hear about how they came together. Many of these were made before I started making YouTube videos, so you maybe have only seen glimpses of them.

Click HERE for the original post on this blog 😉 I didn’t change a thing about it hehe.

The Sampler Quilt

This first quilt I wanted to share, I’m calling The Sampler. It was made in 2012 using Amy Gibson’s free Craftsy Class, the Block of the Month.  This quilt used up lots of fabric I had been hoarding and some of which is what inspired me to start quilting in the first place.  A lot of Heather Bailey and Tula Pink fabric with several other prints from my stash.

When I made this quilt, I was still fairly new to quilting. I was mostly self taught with books, blog posts and trial and error up to this point, so this class really helped me hone in on some skills.

It’s one of the larger throw size quilts and you can usually find it right next to my couch. It’s been very used and loved.

This was the most challenging block for me on this quilt. My first attempt at paper piecing and it took me a minute to wrap my brain around it, but I loved the result.

The quilting on this is very simple. Mostly outlining the block and adding a little bit in the middle to secure it.  The back is very simple too. I really wanted these Heather Bailey Church Flowers on the whole back, but I couldn’t afford it at the time. I really needed to use up some of the extra white that I had instead.  While I didn’t love this option, but was happy the flowers made it on most of the back 😉

I love that I can see some exact fabrics in this quilt that inspired me to keep going and learning how to sew and quilt. I also love that it is so cheery. It’s a very soft but lively quilt. I also love that is one of our family favorites ;).