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Metallic Thread Tips

Thank you so much for sharing!

I recently asked my followers on Instagram if they would like to see a tutorial on how to use metallic thread and it was a resounding yes!!  So I put together this little technique video for you so that I could share my metallic thread tips ;).

Top Metallic Thread Tips

  1. Metallic thread has a tendency to break and shred.  Using a topstitch needle is key for helping with this.
  2. Lower your tension.  I like to stitch on some scrap fabric to make sure my tension looks good before starting on my project.
  3. Up the stitch length to 3
  4. Make sure machine is clean and oiled (if necessary) and follow machine manual for tension tips if needed.
  5. Use high quality thread.

What to use in the bobbin?

Many of you have asked about what to use in the bobbin when using metallic thread.  Great question!  I am always a fan of using the same thread in the bobbin as the top thread.  In my sample, I used the metallic thread in the bobbin as well.  I have heard some of you say that you had success with using a different thread in the bobbin – thats great! By all means experiment, but I find that I like the result better when I use the same thread in both 😉

I used Superior Threads Metallics and Wonderfil Rayon core metallic for my sample. They both have a pretty result, although I do prefer the Superior Threads, I’m happy if you pick a high quality option which these both are. 

At the end of the day, it really isn’t too difficult to use metallic threads. I hope these tips help you feel confident to tackle this beautiful way of adding some extra sparkle to your next project.

Here is a video I did demonstrating on my sewing machine and detailing these tips on video! 

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