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My Living Room DIY Refresh!

My Living Room DIY Refresh!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi there!

Today I am sharing my living room update!  It was in desperate need of happiness infusion… it was looking a wee bit sad haha!  So a new rug, new coffee table, some new pillows and some tidying up really make it so.much.better.

Here is the before :(.


And here is the after!


First, I know you are going to ask me about the rug.  I really wanted something lighter but still kid friendly with the variation in the print.  This is from RugsUsa and its called Moroccan Trellis.  I love it!  Even if this isn’t your taste, they have tons of options.


My most favorite addition to this room is the coffee table!

My table is 24 inches, I sort of wish it was 3 ft like the one I linked, but mine will be just fine.  I wanted much less weight of furniture in the living room so that if felt much more open!


All this top needed was a light sand and wipe down with cheese cloth and stain.  I also finished it off with some polyurethane to protect it since it will be used for drinks and such.



Jack the family cat misses the blue blocky ottoman, but he’s finding new things to love 😉


Make sure the legs are spaced out evenly, I used a measuring tape and made sure the were all the same distance from the edge and outlined each leg with a pencil.  Then I bought some wood screws that were 3/4 inch thick so that it would not go through to the top and used the the washers to secure them.


The solid white pillows are from homegoods, 2 for 19.99 and the silver and white pillows are from Ross, 2 for $12.99.  The water color fabric pillows are a Nani Iro double gauze fabric that I’ve been wanted to use for a long time, so I used my Envelope Pillow Cover video to make those.


One of the other additions was to put some new knobs on my entertainment unit.  These were ones I’ve had waiting to be used from Anthropologie.


I found these at hobby lobby which had a similar look and could complete the entertainment center.

Here is the full video tutorial where you can see all the details up close, does this inspire you to spruce up your living room!  I loved doing this… I think my dining room is next!

Heather morrell

Thursday 3rd of November 2016

I think my favorite part is the reupholstered chair! I love it. My dining room table and chairs are also Danish Modern, and the chairs are in DESPERATE need of recovering. I think that is going to be a fall project in my home.

I hope Jack finds your stool a suitable replacement for the ottoman. I love that ottoman - is that a possible future project (recovering/repurposing??


Wednesday 2nd of November 2016

I love all of it. It really shows your personality. I have two favorites, your chair and the pillows that you made. Thank you for sharing your space!


Wednesday 2nd of November 2016

Where did you get the coffee table legs from?

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