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New Endeavor! Homeschool! AH!

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi there everyone! I mentioned in my last post that I would talk a little bit more about our decision to homeschool and share a little bit about what we will be doing and how we’ll organize our day!

So yes, we are homeschooling. For now anyway. I never ever thought I would be a homeschool Mom and in fact this decision was really difficult for me. I was looking forward to the day when I could send my child to school and let someone else teach him! Think of all the time I’ll have! Now that we live in CA, we began to look at all our options and decide what we were going to do for our son’s education. For those of you who don’t know, my husband was active duty Army for about 7 years. He is now getting his Master’s degree at USC in film and in the Army reserve. So we are in a very temporary life situation lol, once his school is done we will most likely move… Maybe down the street or across down, maybe to a new city – we really don’t know. And to know that my son would most likely need to change schools in a year or 2 made me very uncomfortable. With all the change we have dealt with over the years, I didn’t want that to be another thing. And even if we did private school where the district didn’t matter, the cost of that is just out of the question. So that left me a little lost… I thought – homeschool is the other option and it freaked me out! And then I heard about a program in our neighborhood that is a charter school. It’s run by the state and they give you money for curriculum and teacher who keeps track of what you are doing and helps you should you need it (She also happens to be a great family friend! Score!). So I started looking into that… plus I have a bunch of friends who are in the school too. And they have an option that your child can go to school 1 day a week if you want them to. So, long story short, we are doing this program which has calmed my fears about floundering around in this world of homeschool where the entire weight of my child’s education is on my shoulders and I don’t have a clue what I’m doing! ha! So we’ll see how this year goes! And for the record, I’m still very hesitant about the whole thing… but its too late – so now I have to suck it up haha. 😉


Ok, so here is our curriculum. I consulted with our teacher and she gave me all the options that I had for curriculum that was approved by our school. Then I did a bunch of research online to decide what curriculum I thought would work best for us. I am no expert and we have not even begun, but here it is!

For Kindergarten, Math and Reading are the biggies. And my teacher is a math teacher (she tutored me in High School because math is not my thing!) So I went with her opinion on the Math curriculum.

Earlybird Math, Textbook A and B the Standards Edition (Singapore approach)
math manipulatives for counting practice, a scale, clock, 3d shapes etc.

All about Reading Level 1
-Reading game with Ziggy
-Activity Bundle
-Cobweb the Cat, The Runt Pig and Rug Bug Run books

Many of the BOB books as supplemental reading practice

Go for the code Book C
Explode the Code Teachers Manual and books 1, 1 1/2 and 2

Beginning Geography (this isn’t required but I added it because my son loves maps!)

The Basic, not Boring series Social Studies grades K-1

Science Fusion

All about Spelling Level 1 (we will start this in January)

We also got this cute magnet calendar made by Melissa and Doug.  You can find it HERE. Obviously you can see some little monkeys who were messing around with it.  They were walking around in sweatshirts this morning telling me that it was snowing ;).


Are you homeschooling?  Leave me a comment with your favorite and not so favorite things about homeschooling!  I’d love to hear the scoop 😉

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