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New Video! CHA Recap and Creative Improv Inspiration

New Video! CHA Recap and Creative Improv Inspiration

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hello Everyone!

I know it has been awhile since I have been here, thank you for being patient with me over the holidays!  I have got some fun plans and changes coming up for the blog, but we can get to that info another day, for now I wanted to share with you my new video!


I recently went to the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) trade show in Anaheim Ca.  I went to say hello to some of the brands that I work with and are great supporters of my business and channel as well see what some of the new and exciting products are that you may want to know about!  My friend Amy Tangerine is a paper craft designer and had a booth there as well!  The kids hung out with Grandma since Daddy was at his Army Reserve unit for the day and made the hour drive to CHA.


This video shows you some footage from the show as well as something a little bit new and different for me.  I want to make sure to keep the thing that I love.. the MAKING front and center in what I do, so I decided to make something after my day of inspiration.  It didn’t matter what it was… I had no plans, no agenda – just making.  It was a nice change of pace and hopefully I captured enough of it to inspire you to take the time to do the same occasionally.  Of course I love to write patterns and make things to share with you, a new tutorial is coming later this week, but for now, hope you enjoy this video!


Thursday 9th of June 2016

Really enjoyed watching you relax and just enjoy the process of creating! I love how it turned out and that it was just for you. I think we are all too busy making for other people and forget we just need the creative time for ourselves sometimes. Thank you for sharing.

Andrea Mcvety

Tuesday 26th of January 2016

I am a very new fan! Just love your videos and your enthusiasm. I left my unbelievable stressful job in the medical profession in October and I guess you would say I am now semi retired, I am creating a new way to fill my days and stay busy and useful. Volunteering as a Mentor Mom, a cooking book club I joined and organizing my home. It's exciting and scary. We found out this Christmas my son and daughter in law are expecting new Baby in June. (Best Christmas gift ever). I also have a son in The Army getting married in September. I decided to try to crochet a baby blanket and came across your videos. I just have to tell you when I watched the one of relaxing and believing you can do it a bell went off in my head. I had just tore apart the blanket, was confused why my work seems uneven and frustrated. You my dear explained exactly what matters. Thank you Thank you. If this first little blanket is not perfect, my 2 year old Granddaughter could care less Iwhen Grammy gives it to her for her Baby Doll. It was made with LOVE and not much you can buy in the store compares with that. So I am crocheting with happiness cross stitching a baby bib with joy. Thank your husband for his service and thank you for encouragement.

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