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New Video! Color of the Year Marsala

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hey Everyone!  Did you know I have an Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History?  And that I love color theory?  Anyway, the past 2 years I have done videos about the Pantone Color of the Year.  Last year was Radiant Orchid and the year before was Emerald.  I wanted to do another one for 2015 and the color Marsala.  I like to touch on the psychology of color and some basic color theory and the color wheel in these videos!  Maybe it will inspire a new color scheme for a quilt, outfit, home decor piece or just get your creative juices flowing and thinking about color in interesting ways.

My post holiday craziness YouTube schedule will be a new video every Monday night!  I may add some additional videos here and there but once a week seems like the sweet spot for me right now!  New tutorial next week!

I love some of the promotional photos they shared featuring Marsala and this beautiful rich blue.


I personally would have used Red Mahogany, Earth Red or Rose Brown, but here is a photo of the Marsala wine and you can see where they chose the name Marsala.


What do you think of the color Marsala?  I think this photo shows how this color is going to be used most of the time.



Here is the dress that I am wearing in the video.  It was from my last Stitch Fix box!  I love how it fits and it’s so on trend 😉


Here is the video!  I hope you enjoy!

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