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Progress in illustrator

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi Everyone!  So I wanted to share with a little bit of the progress I have been making in illustrator.  For those of you who don’t know Adobe illustrator is a vector based graphics program and is great for making logos, graphic design, surface patterns etc.  I took a class a few weeks back to just get a basic overview of the program and its capabilities which was great albeit 9 hours or something ridiculous.  Then I saw that Bonnie Christine was doing a CreativeLive class on illustrator with specifics in pattern design (I watched it live so it was free).  I don’t necessarily want to learn illustrator surface patterns at this point, but I knew I could get some more specific instruction in the area that I want to use it for.  It was awesome!  I learned so much and feel like I have a good grasp of illustrator now.  Although I still need lots of practice.  I made the blog banner at the top in illustrator and here are a few other things I have made.  Do you know illustrator?  Photoshop?  Photoshop is next on my list, but I want to get a little better at illustrator first. I am going to submit some work to the design challenge Bonnie is hosting in a few weeks, wish me luck!  I have a lot of work to do!


This is all the same flower just colored differently.  Don’t they each look so different!


Another thing I have been learning is how to make color palettes.  This is my son several years ago when we lived in Hawaii.


Here is a spider mum flower I made.

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Check back tomorrow for Feature Friday!

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