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Quilting Inspiration Vlog

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hey Everyone!  I have a new video up today!  Do you ever have those days where you just have to make something?  I make lots of things all the time, but I hadn’t had a chance to make something fun in awhile.  And I mean, with no pattern, free sewing, no rules or plan.  Most of the time, what I make is going to end up on YouTube or in a blog post and I am filming the process or following along with clear instructions so that I can pass thoseon to you!  And most of my sewing will continue to be that way, but this was a fun little break and I think the end result will be quite lovely!  I’m excited to show you the finished quilt!  This video is vlog style, I thought it would be fun for you to come along while I was designing a quilt.  It shows behind the scenes and gives you a peek into my pattern making process in a very real way ;).  I hope you enjoy!

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