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Simple Statement Crochet Scarf Tutorial – Beginner

Simple Statement Crochet Scarf Tutorial – Beginner

Thank you so much for sharing!

I have a new crochet scarf tutorial for you! This statement crochet scarf is a great mach to this crochet hat as well as a fun make for the chilly winter months. I know you are going to love making this warm and cozy statement crochet scarf.

statement crochet scarf

Simple Statement Crochet Scarf

So cute right?! I love that it’s simple, beautiful and using a stunning yarn. You can make this in no time. You will get so many compliments with this stunning pattern, I sure do!

statement crochet scarf

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statement crochet scarf


You will need 4 balls of the Loops and Threads Eco Cozy Yarn and a 10mm hook. My favorite are these Clover hooks. Also a yarn needle, some scissors and a tape measure.

I hope you enjoy making this scarf as much as I did! Let me know how it goes!

statement crochet scarf
Yield: 1 scarf

Simple Statement Crochet Scarf

statement crochet scarf

Scarf measures 10 inches wide by 60 inches plus fringe.

Active Time 3 hours
Total Time 3 hours
Difficulty beginner
Estimated Cost $25


  • 4 balls Loops and Threads Eco Cozy Yarn


  1. Begin with a slip knot and chain 22 with loose tension. statement crochet scarf
  2. In the 2nd chain from the hook, place a single crochet (sc). Go under the top loop and back bump. sc in each chain all the way down. Ch 1 and turn. statement crochet scarf
  3. Place the hook directly in the back side of the previous sc stitch and make a sc. This is the waistcoat stitch. Continue placing a sc stitch in the back of each previous sc stitch all the way down the row. Place a sc in the turning chain at the end of the row. ch 1 and turn.
  4. Repeat step 3 until your scarf reaches 60 inches long. Attach new balls of yarn on the ends (It took me 3 balls of yarn plus a little bit of the 4th ball) statement crochet scarf
  5. Fasten off your yarn. Take a long strand of yarn and using a yarn needle, whip stitch around the long edges of the scarf to create a slightly more finished edge. Do this on both long edges and weave in tails. statement crochet scarf
  6. Cut 10 inch strands of yarn for the fringe. You can make this as dense as you like, there will be plenty of yarn. Fold strand in half and thread the loop with your yarn needle and insert along the short end of the scarf from the back. Bring the fringe through the loop and tighten down. statement crochet scarf
  7. Continue this along both short sides of your scarf. Cut fringe with sharp scissors to make a clean cut edge.
  8. Enjoy your scarf! statement crochet scarf


yarn can be substituted if you desire. Pick another bulky (5 yarn) to get the same look. I enjoyed working with this yarn, so you won't be disappointed!

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Jennifer J Witt

Friday 8th of January 2021

Thank you for accepting me. I love your tutorials for beginners quilting. I going to be making my first quilt as soon as my charm packs arrive from Minnesota Quilting.


Wednesday 6th of January 2021

Hi Melanie!! I love your blog and have been following your tutorials for a little while now. Girl, you taught me how to quilt! Thank you!! Right now, I’m trying to make the box bag without any raw edges and I’ve come to a roadblock. For some reason, I can’t sew the edges together with the fusible interfacing on the outside. It keeps getting stuck. My machine (singer patchwork) won’t let me put the feed dogs down and instead has a little covering. I thought that would solve the problem, but now it won’t pull the fabric through and keeps jamming. I tried using a walking foot and that hasn’t helped either. Any suggestions would be amazing. I’m so confused lol 🤷‍♀️ Thanks!!

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