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The Moss Pillow Crochet Along – Part 2 of 5

Thank you so much for sharing!

Today we are going to talk all about how to crochet the moss stitch on this moss pillow crochet along.  If you are just now joining us and missed the part 1, you can find that HERE. It covers all of our supplies and details on the yarn;).

The Plan

The envelope pillow cover is made up of 3 panels. In today’s post we are going to cover how to crochet the moss stitch and I’d like you to make the front panel by the next post if you want to follow along. (Of course, that’s not required – go at your own pace!)

Here is the video I put together for you. Written instructions will be below that 😉


Begin with your first ball of yarn or color.

Slip knot. Create your foundation chain.  Measure it against your own pillow form, I will not be giving you a specific number of chains, just be sure it’s an even number. Hold it up to your form and go from there.

Single crochet in the 2nd chain from your hook.  My yarn needle is pointing to the correct chain in the following photo.

crochet moss stitch

ch 1, skip a foundation chain and then place another sc.  I created a video in slow motion for those of you who might be beginners or need to see it again 😉

Repeat going all the way across your foundation chain.

crochet moss stitch

When you reach the end of the foundation chain, there should be a sc in the last chain. Insert your hook, yarn over, pull through – But instead of pull through the two loops on your hook with your current color yarn, pull through with your new color. Tighten everything down, chain 1, turn your work.

2nd Row

sc in the ch 1 space, ch 1 and repeat all the way to the end.  Be sure to place a sc in the last stitch. (Refer to video if you aren’t sure about this).

crochet mos stitch

Change your colors every row if you want your pillow to look like mine.  Leave a 4-5 inch tail and then trim, you can weave that in later.  Here are some other example of the moss stitch with different color palettes and number of rows.

This example uses only 2 colors.  The bottom half of the sample changed color every row. So you can see how after an entire panel it would look like stripes. In the top half, I did 2 rows of the oatmeal color and 1 of the navy. That created a much more standout stitch for that navy blue and would really highlight a certain color.

crochet moss stitch

This sample is using the same colors as my finished pillow, but I did 2 rows per color instead of switching every row.  See how versatile the moss stitch is!

crochet moss pillow

Here is what it would look like if you decided to use 1 color.

crochet moss stitch

Here is how my front panel looks.  I had already woven in my ends ( I will show you how to do that in a later post). Make sure your front panel is a square and measures the same size as your form.

crochet moss stitch

Use a simple measuring tape to make sure yours is the right size.  In the next post we will be making the back two panels. If you know how to weave in your ends and have time you can go ahead and do that, but you can also wait 😉

crochet moss stitch

So to clarify, your task for this week is to make your front panel.  Whether that is 16 x 16, or 18 x 18 have the front panel done by Thursday the 14th and I will have the next lesson set for you!  Please let me know if you have any questions!


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