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The Moss Pillow Crochet Along – Part 4 of 5

The Moss Pillow Crochet Along – Part 4 of 5

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi Everyone!

Moss Stitch Pillow Cover

We made it!  We are ready to put all of the pieces together on our crochet moss stitch pillow cover! As you are working on your pillow I would love it if you tagged me on social media and used #CALmelanie so I can see what you are up to!

Weave in Ends

Before we crochet the 3 different panels together we need to weave in the ends.  If you know how to do that, go ahead and get that step started. If not, I have a little video to show you the most common way of weaving in ends.

The Plan

Now that all of your ends are woven in you can use your remaining yarn to stitch panels together.

moss pillow crochet along

Place your back panels with the right sides facing out, in other words you need to have the right sides showing as your stitch the panels together. The wrong sides will be touching each other on the inside of the pillow cover.

Clip them with clover clips.

Start stitching from the bottom of the pillow on the front side (so the full square panel). Attach your yarn, chain 1 and single crochet in each spot all the way around. See video for a visual on that.

Add 3 stitches into the corners.

When you are stitching all 3 layers, make sure you only get 1 strand of yarn per layer to avoid bulk. This will only happen on the overlap portion.

Connect to your first sc with a slip stitch, cut your yarn and weave in your ends! That’s it!  Here’s a video to walk you through the process as well!

If you would like to add a fancier border, I recommend THIS ONE and THIS ONE.  I found that with all the color changes, my pillow was a little busy and didn’t need a fancy border.

What do you think of the Moss Stitch Pillow Cover so far?  How are you liking the moss stitch?

Next week we will celebrate! If you finish your pillow by Wednesday and use the hashtag #CALmelanie I will feature those of you that are able to finish.  Don’t stress if you won’t finish by Thursday though – you can still participate in the little giveaway I will be doing (wink wink).


Friday 13th of July 2018

I'm a little behind but the video for joining the pieces has an error. Can that be reconnected?


Friday 13th of July 2018

Thanks for letting me know, I just fixed it so you can see it now ;)

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