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Wet Bag or Bikini Bag Tutorial

Wet Bag or Bikini Bag Tutorial

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I have a fun new video up on my YouTube Channel, it’s a wet bag tutorial!  I tested these out and basically you put damp bathing suits, liquids or even cloth diapers in them and the PUL lining makes it so it won’t get other items wet!  I used a towel I bought from Target for a fun summer style bag, perfect for the beach or pool.  Here is the video and some photos!  Let me know what you think!





Towel – I purchased 2 different ones from Target. (You can use cotton fabric if you like.)
PUL fabric – 3/8 yard
14 inch zipper
coordinating polyester thread

Cut your fabric and PUL to 11 x 13
Cut handle from left over piece of terry cloth at 2.5 x roughly 9 inches. This can be adjusted.
Place zipper teeth down on the right side of the terry cloth towel on the 13 inch side.
Place shiny side down of the PUL and line up the towel, zipper and PUL – pin or clip in place.
Sew along the zipper, slightly less than 1/4 inch.
Place zipper teeth face down on the other 11 x 13 inch towel.
Place shiny side of PUL down, clip or pin in place and sew along the side of the zipper.
Top stitch along the zipper being sure to smooth the top and bottom pieces so there is no bunching
Trim up sides
Open zipper half of the way
Place terry cloth right sides together and lining right sides together forming a rectangle.
Direct zipper teeth toward lining
Pin or clip in place all the way around.
Pin handle as shown in the video and sew along the long edge.
Pin the handle in place as shown
Starting on the bottom of the PUL side, backstitch and sew 1/2 inch all the way around
Take care at the zippers and handle. Go over the handle a few times.
Leave a 4 inch hole on and back stitch to allow for turning.
Clip all corners and grade seams
Trim zipper tape with non fabric scissors.
Turn pouch right side out.
Fold PUL and stitch the opening closed, being sure to backstitch well
Pul PUL lining in side the bag and zip it closed!
Put the bag through the wash. The heat will help seal up the holes we made from the sewing machine at the seams.

This Bag is 100% washable! Machine wash warm, tumble dry low.


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Click HERE if you can’t see the video.


Thursday 17th of April 2014

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