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What it’s like to be #Chosen with World Vision

What it’s like to be #Chosen with World Vision

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This post is in partnership with World Vision

Remember a few weeks ago, I went to Ecuador to be #Chosen with World Vision? It was truly a life-changing experience and I’m excited to share the experience with you today! You can still sign up to be #Chosen! Click the link to sign up:

World Vision
photo by MPT

#Chosen with World Vision

First, I’d like to share the video we put together. It’s only a few minutes and really highlights the event as a whole. Many of you currently sponsor children or have in the past, so I want you to have a chance to see these kids faces as they finally get sponsored! Even if you weren’t able to participate this time around, I want to share the great work World Vision is doing so that it is an encouragement to you whether you have experience with sponsorship or not.

Isn’t that amazing! Vanessa chose us! It was amazing watching her choose us and all the children have the ability to make their choice. The only people in the actual room were our outstanding photographer Matthew Paul Turner, my husband Robert who was capturing all of the video and Maria Elena who was a world Vision staff member helping the children if they had questions. MPT captured this photo of Robert getting some video of Vanessa… before she realized HE was the one in the photo!

world vision
what a special moment. We feel very blessed to have met her and her mom and to be able to encourage their family as best we can.

Child Sponsorship

If you would like to be #Chosen in the next World Vision event, click this link to sign up!

Trying really hard not to cry my eyes out 😉 I didn’t want to freak her out! photo by MPT

While the children were participating in the World Vision event at this local school, the parents participated in parenting workshops. In one particular workshop, we learned that the parents committed that day to be “protectors of children.” Sponsoring a child not only gives you an opportunity to pray for them, send encouraging notes and small gifts… it also helps to support the entire community. World Vision helps to give them the tools, education and empowerment to lift themselves out of poverty.

Waiting for their kids to finish up. World Vision gave each family a ride home and sent everyone off with a hot meal.

Remember that drawstring bag that I made to give to Vanessa? We were able to sit and talk with her and her Mom with the help of a translator and give her this little gift. She especially liked the smelly crayon set ;).

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into the great work that they are doing on behalf of children around the world and seeing what it would be like to be #Chosen with World Vision.


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