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Your First Quilt: Part 3 Beginner Quilting

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi Everyone!  I’m excited to share Part 3 of my Your First Quilt Series… Quilting!  I really tried to simplify this process for you and take some of the intimidation out of it.  There are so many amazing tips and tricks, details and tools to learn about beginner quilting – but they don’t need to be done for your first quilt. As I’ve said since the beginning, I want you to finish Your First Quilt.  That means simplifying the process so that it’s not overwhelming ;).

Did you miss Part 1 or 2?  Click Here for part 1 and HERE for part 2.

Your First Quilt


Walking Foot – Make sure it fits your machine

Thread – I like Aurifil 100% cotton 50wt thread.  There are other good ones, so try some out like Gutermann, Mettler, Superior Threads and Wonderfil and see what you like (and what your machine likes!)

Needle- for Aurifil 50 wt I use an 80/12 or 90/14 needle

Machingers are great for your 2nd or 3rd quilt.  You don’t need to buy them, but they are good to be aware of.

Get Your Supplies

If you’re planning to order any supplies on Amazon, I invite you to check out my store. I have a Quilting section with my favorite products that I mention in the series. *These are affiliate links so I earn a small commission if you purchase, but it’s of no extra cost to you.  

This is my favorite way to teach beginners how to quilt. It’s more of an echo quilting technique where you use the presser foot to follow the seam line and make a new stitch.  This is very forgiving, has a nice drape and is a great way for beginners to learn in my opinion.

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial, here is the video!

Here is the back of the quilt so that you can see it clearly.  The video shows the more of the actual stitching if you need those details.

Metallic Thread Tips
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