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Your First Quilt Part 4: Squaring Up and Make Binding

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Hi Everyone!  Today is part 4 of the Your First Quilt Series!  Today we will be learning how to trim your quilt so that it is straight and square.  We will also be learning how to determine how much fabric you need to make your binding and get it ready to attach.

These are principles that you can use for all of your quilting moving forward no matter what size you are making.

The tools you need

These are some supplies that you need for trimming your quilt and making your binding. Because we used a precut and didn’t need to cut the squares for our quilt top, you haven’t needed these yet.  All of these supplies are basics that you will use all the time in your quilting, so you money isn’t going to unnecessary things.  Click the links and I will have recommendations for you on Amazon.

If you need all 3, HERE is a great, affordable set.

The video which will be embedded down below will walk you through all of the steps for trimming your quilt.  

Quilt Binding Math

  1. Measure and add up all 4 sides of your quilt.  My example number will be 94 inches. 
  2. Add 10 inches to that number to allow for seam allowance, corners and the overlap needed at the ends when we attach. Example: 104 inches.
  3. 104 divided by 42 or your width of fabric.  42 is the width of standard quilting cotton which is what you should use for binding.  Use the number 21 if you want to use a fat quarter.
  4. 104/42 = 2.4.  Round that number up.  So the number is 3.  That is how many strips of fabric you will need for your quilt.
  5. Take the number 3 and multiply by 2.5 (the width I use for binding strips) and that number is 7.5.  You will need a yardage size of 7.5 inches to be able to cut your 3 strips.  

Once you determine how much fabric you need, you can cut your 2.5 inch strips and sew them end to end to create your binding strip.  All of this can be seen in the video. I am doing a straight grain join for this tutorial. Once you have your strips sewn together, iron the seams open and press the strips wrong sides together to prep your binding to be attached.

Full Video Tutorial

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