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Easy Removable Crochet Flower Tutorial

Easy Removable Crochet Flower Tutorial

Thank you so much for sharing!

Hi there!  I had a new video go up on my channel the other day, a crochet flower!  It’s a follow up to the crochet headband video, so that you can add this flower if you like.  Also, I show you how to add a button to the back to make it removable.


Some great yarn options options…

Scraps of yarn… chunky wool blend yarn is great! (but really any will work)
Crochet hook that coordinates with you yarn choice.
1 large button (1 1/4-1 1/2)
yarn needle (metal preferred)

Begin with a magic circle (
sc 5 times in the magic cirlcle. Pull free end to tighten and then slip stitch closed
ch 1 and make petal in the first stitch – you will make 5 petals going around.
Petal = sc, tr, dc, sc (all in the same stitch)
After the last petal, finish off and leave a long tail for attaching button or sewing onto your project.


What do you think of this project?  Leave me a comment and let me know where you will be adding this flower, a headband? hat? bag?

Here is the full video tutorial!


Wednesday 3rd of February 2016

Love your patterns hope see more in future !!!

Joanne Yount

Saturday 28th of November 2015

I was wondering if you have a tutorial on making half-finger gloves and fingerless gloves?? I would love to learn how to make them. I am one that learns by seeing it done instead of reading a pattern.

Thank you.


Monday 23rd of November 2015

Thank you for all of your tutorials. I decided to teach myself to crochet, and I started with your YouTube channel - 3 weeks ago. The first thing I made was this headband/earwax mer and flower!

Debbie Hager

Sunday 8th of November 2015

I just got done making my 3rd Headband and finally concurred making the flower!! It wasn't hard I was just over thinking it and trying to hard! Magic circles had always messed with me but now I have it! On one of the flowers I put the same color button in the center of the flower to match the headband button. My button color was purple , so it looked very cute.


Wednesday 4th of November 2015


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