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Garment Sewing: Baby Skirt

Thank you so much for sharing!

My friend Megan (who just moved away… tear) is a garment sewer… well, she sews all sorts of things (like this), but she especially likes sewing clothes for her daughter and for herself.  She kept telling me, “Just wait until you start sewing clothes for Ainsley… I’m surprised you haven’t yet.”  So when I started this project I kept thinking of her telling me, “It’s really no big deal, if you can sew a quilt, you can sew clothes.”  Needless to say I was a smidge uncomfortable going out of my comfort zone of quilts and craft sewing… but after looking at a few online tutorials, it looked pretty easy.  And boy was I right, it was super easy. Like ridiculous.

The completed skirt.  I used some yummy Heather Bailey Groovy in Olive.

Here is the hem.

Here is the elastic waist.

Of course we have to have some photos of baby A modeling this lovely skirt.  It is a little big on her, which is fine with me because I can’t keep this girl in clothes she is growing so fast.  There is plenty of room in the waist and length for this to last awhile.  I love her new sparkly shoes from Grandma.

Here is my baby.  She just turned 1.  I can’t believe it.  She adds so much joy and spunk and girly-ness to our household.  When I put her in this outfit, my son said… “Awe, Ainsee is a princess.”  I agree.

Happy Birthday little Angel… Mommy and Daddy and big brother love you so much.  I can’t wait to make you a dress ;).

*I will give credit where credit is due… I used this tutorial post for the basic idea of the skirt and made my own modifications for size.

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