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How to Wash Crocheted Items

How to Wash Crocheted Items

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Hey Everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you some tips on how to wash your crochet projects! When I started crocheting, I was really afraid of this step, so I want to calm your fears and let you know that its ok! I made a video as well where I actually wash a blanket start to finish so you can see that it is in fact not going to fall apart in the wash. That will be linked below.. for now, on to the tips!

1. Be sure to check the label of the yarn you have used.
-The label will often gives you some additional instructions and let you know if it’s safe to wash that yarn by machine or not. In general, acrylic yarns will hold up best in the machine and they should be washed on cold and on the gentle/handwash cycle of your machine using a mild detergent. Most of these yarns can be dried on low.

– If you are washing something for babies, use organic or at least dye and fragrance free. I use My Green Fills because its natural, organic and the refills get sent to me!  No running out of soap and running to the store, plus it cuts down on plastic.  There are lots of great options out there as well.

2. Use a lingerie bag or pillow case to keep fibers extra protected.
– This is a good tip for yarns that can be machine washed but that you want to take extra care of. This helps it from getting stretched or having anything detrimental happen in the wash if you are nervous.

I love these bags. Having very sizes is helpful so you can wash some of your smaller blankets in there if you wish.

3. When in doubt, hand wash.
-The safest option for washing your items is to hand wash on cold with a mild detergent and lay flat to dry. Do this when in doubt and if you don’t know what yarn was used.

4. Block and Reshape
-If you are washing a garment or something that has been blocked you want to lay flat to dry and reshape it. The yarn can really stretch out when wet, so making sure it is reshaped and laying flat is important before it dries.  I personally don’t crochet a lot of garments like sweaters.  I am mostly an accessory and blanket kind of girl.

Keep in mind that your handmade projects are meant to be used and loved! None of us want to see projects that took us awhile to make get ruined, but my philosophy is to use them and love them and not just admire them on a shelf.  That means they might get little stains, start to pill up or start to wear out – That means they were LOVED and meaningful to someone!

I hope this was helpful for you! Watch the video below to see the exact settings and process I used. Happy stitching and washing!

*This post contains affiliate links. It’s of no extra cost to you and helps me purchase more supplies for videos!  Thank you for the support in this way.

Rubicar De Jesus

Tuesday 27th of September 2016

Hi i want to make a cardigan but i dont know how its hard for me to read a pattern written, I cant find a good tutorial video for the style i want for cardigan.. I hope you could make one thankyou. And I made some of your tutorials ????????


Saturday 28th of May 2016

I'm nervous to wash a baby blanket I just made because of the contrasting colors I've used! I did a tri colored blanket with a dark/bright teal color, grey, and white. As long as I wash it in cold water, should I be ok?? I love how white the white is! I don't want the teal to run.. should I hand wash to be sure?

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